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The latest collection of true paranormal experiences... ghosts, poltergeists, premonitions, terrifying creatures, angels and demons, including: Creature Claws Beneath the Door... Missing Time at the Gas Station... Phantom Car Passed Through Us... Giant Spider-like Creature... The Haunted Cadaver... Psychic Dream of Murder... Angel Saved Friend from Fatal Accident... Mom's Ghost Demands Attention... Ghost in the Painting... We Will All Be Together Again... A Sad Near-Death Experience... Haunted Clown Painting... and more

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News: Cemetery Ghost Photo, Exorcism Damage, Prediction Pays Off

Tuesday April 22, 2014


Paranormal news and views for April 22, 2014:

  • Gallipoli ghost image captured at soldiers' cemetery
  • Eddie Munster to save haunted house from foreclosure
  • UK's scariest ghosts from Henry VIII's spirit and headless horsemen
  • Gettysburg Civil War site yields much paranormal activity
  • Man wins £450,000 payout after psychic prediction
  • 9 things about telepathy and telepathic communication
  • Telepathic dream research is about to blow up
  • Close encounter of the Yowie kind
  • Unexplained intergalactic radio bursts confirmed at Arecibo
  • Science, skeptics & UFOs - the ball lightning connection
  • Dr. Bernard Beitman on coincidence studies
  • Exorcism footage did damage
  • The case for (and against) life after death

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Reader Report: Ghostly Monks Around the Bed

Monday April 21, 2014


"My nephew, 13, asked if he could speak privately to me this weekend," reports Christina. "He's been living in his current house, which his family had built when he was about 7. He constantly sees shadow people around his house, but was very upset when telling me that one night he woke up to his bedroom door open. When he looked toward the door, there were several monks coming into his room. They surrounded his bed. After a few minutes, they were gone. About a month later, a woman in a white dress carrying a covered tray came into his room and told him to open it...." Read more and my response.

Angel's Voice Saved Her Life

Sunday April 20, 2014


This being Easter, the Christian holy day in which angels are traditionally significant, we have an experience told to us by Linda, who believes that her Guardian Angel, in the form of a mysterious voice, actually saved her life back in 1997. Although she was a chronic asthma sufferer, she was not aware of how serious her condition really was on that June morning -- until the voice told her in no uncertain terms that she must act... or else. This is Linda's story....

News: Ghostly Reflection, Psychic Shop Poltergeist, Dream Solutions

Saturday April 19, 2014

ghost-in-reflection.jpgParanormal news and views for April 19, 2014:

  • Ghosts in the mirror: A reflection of the past?
  • Ghost hunters at O'Brien's Pub
  • Video of "ghost car" spooks the world
  • Stock literally flies off shelves at psychic shop; owner accused of devil's work
  • Did ghost hunters raise Richard III?
  • Haunted hospital and meat packing plant
  • Aliens, time travel and a secret brotherhood
  • Loch Ness Monster hunter claims creature spotted from space
  • Creepy crawly cryptids of Japan
  • Can our dreams solve problems while we sleep?
  • Therapy from past life memories
  • 10 amazing discoveries that remain unexplained by science

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