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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: Doppelganger Sighting

By March 8, 2008

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"I saw the doppelganger of a man I have a secret crush on," reports Sylgml. "I thought it was the actual person, but the doppelganger was dressed in a black suit, and in a minute I saw the real person walk by in a casual outfit. I knew I'd seen something strange because the one in the black suit could not have changed clothes that quickly. This scared the daylights out of me. In hindsight, the doppelganger wasn't talking or anything. I first saw him as I appraoched the church, then when I got inside I saw him again (all the while thinking it was the actual person I was seeing). Inside, the doppelganger looked right at me and I at him.

"Does this mean I saw the doppelganger because of my feelings for this man? Or did he cause me to see his doppelganger because the feeling is mutual? Or did the doppelganger himself step out of line?"

The doppelganger phenomenon is a strange one, and, like the ghost phenomenon, is very difficult to verify or even research. In many instances such sightings are probably cases of mistaken identity, or, as you suggested yourself, there is a strong psychological component: you wanted to see him. Yet those explanations are not satisfying in every case. Read...

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March 8, 2008 at 10:28 pm
(1) visara says:

No, what it means is you either saw his twin brother that you didn’t know he had, or you saw someone who looked remarkably similar to him. Doppelgangers don’t exist.

September 25, 2009 at 2:37 am
(2) aster says:

Doppels exist; I have one; she split from me when I was five years old

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