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Stephen Wagner
Those who are experiencing and studying the shadow people phenomenon say that these entities almost always used to be seen out of the corner of the eye and very briefly. But more and more, people are beginning to see them straight on and for longer periods of time. Some experiencers testify that they have even seen eyes, usually red, on these shadow beings. What are shadow people and where do they come from? Several theories have been offered. Read more.


October 6, 2009 at 6:30 pm
(1) Allan Love Jr says:

I have done a very long study of reading and watching videos on You Tube and I have come to this. Those Shadow’s that people see are in fact “Demons”. Not Human Spirit’s. This will get worse as time goes on in time. I haven’t heard of these Shadow Demons attack people. But be wary of your surroundings at all costs. Do not trust them. They are pure 100% “Evil” Spirits. Protect yourself at all costs just incase they where to attack. Allan.

October 10, 2009 at 2:40 am
(2) Visara says:

Have you ever heard on the news or anywhere else that a shadow man attacked someone? No.

Everyone thinks they see something out of the corner of their eye now and then. It’s happened to me countless times. It’s the gullible oddballs who take that and turn it into something paranormal. I don’t know if it’s just for attention, or if they’re just plain dumb.

Either way, shadow people are not real.
If demons roamed the Earth and wanted to hurt people, they would. They wouldn’t creep around in the shadows and play hide and seek.

August 2, 2011 at 1:26 pm
(3) neXus says:

The answer to your question is absolutely “YES”. In fact, paranormal attacks happen quite often in certain locations across the globe. Just because YOU dont hear about it in the news or on someones blog is because they usually don’t feel compelled to tell everybody about it due to narrow-minded people like yourself who enjoy discrediting what cannot be scientifically explained and making ligitimate eye witnesses out to be nothing more than “gullible oddballs”. Listen, obviously you have not had any actual encounter with these entities, so you should keep your little opinions to yourself since your never going to accept it unless it happens to you–and you can trust the thousands of people that say if it ever does happen to you…you will most certainly not be dismissing it as rubbish or rationalizeing it away, and you will know that it’s not some figment of your imagination as you would so conveniently like to believe. BTW, historical research will reveal ancient records from several cultures around the world such as the native americans that have described these shadowy entities as actual beings that they interacted with. I’m not talking about some shadow you glimpsed out the corner of your eye–I’m talking about 7-9 ft. tall thick shadows of substance that can crudely mimic the shape of a human, can and do physically interact with their enviroment, and exhibit emotions such as anger or even violence. I lived in a town that experienced a sudden wave of eye-witness accounts of this entity one year, none of the people I privately interviewed knew eachother and yet all of them described it exactly the same way. Also, none of them ever thought that it was a demon or a ghost, but instead were convinced that it was an actual being, alive intelligent. I know of a 6.5 ft. tall Security Guard that was recently attacked and beaten to the ground by one of these entities and NO–it was most definitely not an animal or person that attacked him…he could SEE it.

October 10, 2009 at 2:41 am
(4) beretorn71 says:

Amen Visara.

October 11, 2009 at 8:05 pm
(5) Ellan Thompson says:

Shadow people are real,as I have had many experinces with them,I have been poked,prodded and pulled across my bed by them,I have never seen them out the cornr of my eye,always face on but i never see the eyes of them.

October 15, 2009 at 2:23 pm
(6) gary says:

Allen :
1. What did you do when you got poked and prodded?
2. What cahused that
3. do you have protection ; ( god ) Jesus:
4. Or Other

October 31, 2009 at 2:22 am
(7) Anonymous says:

This one time when I was 14 a shadow like wolf creature woke my mom and I up. It killed our rabbit and left it infront of my window. I dont think it gets any more real than that. Also it wasnt any kind of regular dog… the gate was bolted shut and when I went to check on it, it had been swung wide open, there was mud and no paw prints.
I have never had an experience like that ever since.
But why would it kill and leave the rabbit in front of my window?

November 7, 2009 at 8:30 pm
(8) Christopher says:

I believe very strongly that they are demons. If I were a betting man, I would bet on it. Demons are very real, and I believe that those so called shadow people are in fact demons in deed.

November 8, 2009 at 3:47 am
(9) Gabe says:

I thought there would be more legitimate posts here. When I was 16 I had a friend named Joe and I would visit his house. In his house I saw over 100 shadow people, possibly the same one although at times there appeared to be 2-3, but they move so fast its hard to tell. They appear straight on and are clearly actual beings not shadows appearing in the corner of my eye. They are very tall and thin and move 5x faster than a person and can go through walls and ceilings. They have pointed arms and legs where their hands and feet should be. They have no visible facial features almost all the time. Here is the exception: I turned a corner and suddenly found myself face to face closer than I had ever been to one, only a foot in front of me and almost exactly my height (6’3), it had red eyes now for the first time ever, it started speaking (if it can be called that), it spoke like 5x faster than a person as well, I couldn’t understand it. I was scared so I screamed and it ran about 15 feet directly away from me then disappeared up into the ceiling. That is the last time I ever saw one. I wish I knew what it was trying to tell me. I have never seen the “Hat Man” and other such things, only the type I have described here and it was probably 100 times.

Too bad there is no way I can get people to believe it.

November 14, 2009 at 10:06 pm
(10) tiffany says:

i seen it quite a bit. my 6 yr old brother said it talked to him. he said it was going to hurt him on a friday. he said when he turned on the light the ghost turned white and dissapeared. he had woken up to it watching him in bed. he said it was lying down in bed with him and started screaming thats when it talked to him and troy (my brother) turned on the light. my mom didnt believe him (or atleast she says she doesent). i seen it on the road when i was walking home twice. the first time i blinked and when i opened my eyes it was gone.the last time i seen it i turned my head and it was gone. i dont know if it can change shape or form but troy described it as a miget while i see a tall teen. hes all black including his face, looks like hes in a hoodie and i cant see his legs. it hasnt spoken to me yet and i havent been as close to it as troy. i also dont see whit light around it

November 19, 2009 at 2:36 pm
(11) Chrissy says:

Actually,I’ve seen shadow people and they do not have glowing red eyes and if you have seen something with glowing red eyes, it’s probably something else. They are actually a cloudy gray figure that almost looks like a shadow.It’s a figure of a human. Some people think they’re ghosts but they’re actually from another demension. You don’t have to believe me but it’s the truth.

November 24, 2009 at 11:27 pm
(12) Sasha says:

I saw something when I was 17 that was what you describe as a shadow person. I am now 33 and have never forgotten that night. I saw some shadow standing at my bedroom door. He had a cap on and what looked like cropped pants. Just like someone watching me. Anyway, I got up, thought it was a person trying to scare me (I’m not easily scared, so thought it was a joke). Moved toward the door and the shadow moved away. I looked behind the door and nothing was there. I woke my parents up to find nothing.

December 15, 2009 at 10:07 pm
(13) Nakamura says:

I have had expeirence with one that was good The Hat Man they say he is evil but I think he is just protecting use from the evil ones. He once saved my life he pushed me out of the way of a car that nealy killed me mabey there are more good ones.

January 17, 2010 at 10:18 pm
(14) kimberly says:

The first time that I can recall the Shadow person- was when I was in my early teens in 1980′s my and me were in the den watching tv and we would both see something walk from one room to the next he was tall wearing a large brim hat and a long type black trench coat. We were so scared called my mom at work and told her that someone was in the house she came home of course we didn’t see he then but did see him many more times. I use to wake up with long scars up and down my legs like something had clawed my legs but I never had a clue well until I got married and had kids and they were staying the with my mom and they came home to report the a man with a hat was in the room with them and touch the youngest child and he had boney hands long finger nails, I new then after all these years he was still there

January 21, 2010 at 2:44 pm
(15) non believer believes says:

I never believed in ghosts or anything of this kind until a week ago. I woke up early in the morning with a “shadow” standing at the end of my bed looking at me. It moved into the bathroom and then the closet with almost what I would call grace. I kept blinking thinking it would go away the whole time I was looking at it. I woke up my boyfriend and told him I just saw something go in the closet. He of course thought I was crazy and there was nothing there when I went in the closet. I had almost forgot about it when I woke up again that morning because I was able to go right back asleep. Then I was talking to a friend who had stayed in my guest room and she said ” I don’t want to freak you out, but I saw a black shadow in the guest room about 6:15am and when I looked at it slowly moved into the closet and then I was able to go back to sleep.” When I saw the shadow in my room and woke my boyfriend up, it was 6:19am. How could two people who don’t even believe in ghosts or anything like that see the same “black shadow” 4 minutes apart? It is just so weird I can’t explain it. But I will say I didn’t feel any evil from it. It was almost like it was watching over me and when it saw I was a little scared of what I was seeing it slowly went back into hiding. I know what I saw and my friend confirmed it even more. I honestly don’t know what it all means, but I could go without seeing it again. However, I don’t think it is a scary demon of any sort. If it wanted to do anything bad to me, it had the chance.

January 21, 2010 at 10:03 pm
(16) WolfClaw says:

Well, I know for a fact that Shadow Beings exist. My boyfriend saw them when he was eight. He saw two, they also had red eyes. I’m not sure myself what to think of them. But what I am certain of is that they are not, in fact, Demons or Devils.

January 24, 2010 at 6:19 am
(17) E says:

Yes they do exist…had an experience while living in ATL and at this time of my life I was doing alot drawing, which im sure opened the door for such an encounter.

While laying in the bed one late night, around 2:00am, I felt the presence on an entity and or individual standing next to the edge of my bed. My first instinct was to advise and verbally say out loud “I’m not scared” and I candidly wasn’t. I must say the being and/or entity did not want to harm me it, it was a test…i could feel its emotions for I could feel it smiling and/or responding to my lack fear. It was if it was proud, sorta like the energy and/or expression a parent would manifest. Let me add physically this Shadow Being was darker then the BG surroundings for the light cast from open blinds across the room seemed to be absorbed!

February 7, 2010 at 9:13 pm
(18) Wil says:

To Ellan Thompson:

Now if I never saw a cry for attention before in my life that comment is it.

February 7, 2010 at 9:40 pm
(19) Lee says:

I have been attacked by shadow people, I was paralized and I felt horror and dread..when I managed to say the word Jesus, it left immediately…be careful of these things…they were never people but are demons and they hate you

February 15, 2010 at 11:08 am
(20) Marissa says:

I couldnt help but notice the arguement of everyone about weather or not shadow people are or are not real. Well I am a 14 year old girl from Florida. I was wondering if I could get anyone out there to take the time and email me what you think of the “shadow people”. Please and thank you. My email is Wizardgrl1@aol.com. No spam please. And please do not email me if you are planning on starting a cyber-fight or if you plan on getting personal information. All I want is a little bit of personal experiences with Shadow people or what they think of shadow people. Thank you (:


February 17, 2010 at 7:47 pm
(21) Elena says:

I know for a fact they’re real. When I was in 2nd grade, me and my friend were walking down the street and it was near dark, and my house is on the bottom of the hill, so we were walking and were a house away from mine when we heard the sound of one of my cats getting in a fight or something, so we ran down near my backyard and saw my cat run out, then looked up and saw a solid black figure looking like jack skeleton from nightmare before christmas and it was so tall it was just walking right over the gate in my backyard, and it turned its head at us and I saw glowing red eyes. We ran of course, but another time in 5th grade my friend opened my door and said she saw a black shadow standing by my bed and it flew under my bed, which is impossible because my bed has those drawers and there is no space for anything to go under my bed. The most recent was the morning of Dec. 22, 2009. Me and my friend were sleeping and she said she woke up early in the morning and couldn’t sleep so she was just thinking, and I sleep with my fan on next to my face and so she said she felt like she was being watched, but yet I was sleeping, and then she said it sounded like something got in my fan so she thought I was awake, so when she looked at me a tall figure of a hooded man was leaning in closer to my face, and since she thought it was a real man that might harm her she looked away like nothing happened, but when she looked back it was gone. It was about 6:22 a.m. that time.

March 22, 2010 at 12:50 pm
(22) Doug says:

It’s called cones and rods, people. EVERYONE, and I mean everyone has thought they’ve seen something out of the corner of their eye, before. It’s called the human imagination coupled with the firing of “cones and rods” in your peripheral vision. You people need to grow up and get your head out of your asses!

August 2, 2011 at 2:01 pm
(23) neXus says:

wow. “cones and rods”…let me start with saying how amazing, profound, and insightful is the sheer stark intelligence of your comment. I believe we would all benefit from you following your own enlightenling advice DOUG.

March 25, 2010 at 7:58 am
(24) friday jones says:

What’s Rod Cohn got to do with this?

March 30, 2010 at 10:35 pm
(25) Dianna says:

Just because some people have had the unfortunate experience of crossing paths with paranormal beings, it doesn’t mean that they “have their head up their ass” or that they are “looking for attention.” I happen to be a very intelligent and mentally stable 35 y/o woman who has had several bad experiences with paranormal beings in my life. I have never had any encounters with shadow people but had a traumatic year when I was 7 with an entity of some kind that delighted in terrorizing me at night when my mother put me to bed in the bedroom off from the living room. I never had bad experiences that I can recall in any other room and eventually my mother realized this and stopped putting me to bed in that awful room.

Anyway, a woman would “float” into my room and hover over me and I would immediately sit up, pull my knees into my body and lay my head into my knees with my arms protectively around my head. This was the only way I knew to try and hide from her and protect myself physically from her. She would get about an inch from my ear, still floating above me, and whisper into it, “Look at me, Dianna. Look at me.” I remember how her voice chilled me instantly and made it hard for me to cope with what was happening to the point I could not even think to scream for my parents so I would simply repeat, “No, no” very softly to her through my knees in the hopes that she would go away. It never worked, she would never leave until I would do as she asked of me. Once I looked at her, she would totally unleash herself into my face, her face would open up and pure evil would expose itself to me visually. I don’t remember being able to hear anything but horrific, unproccessible noise inside my head, almost as though she scared completely deaf yet I could hear horror both at the same time.

I have had other experiences similar to this as well but this was definately the worst one of them all. People have tried to explain it away by offering such ideas as; I was being molested in that bedroom by someone and thats how my 7 y/o brain perceived it, it was a recurring nightmare I was having and I believed I was awake at the time, etc.

Another comment that was offered as to why people would believe that there are such things as paranormal beings was that these people are “just dumb.” Well, I just have to say that people who come to such a conclusion simply because they themselves haven’t had a similar experience are not “very intelligent” meaning just that; their intelligent potential is retarded, since, grasping the concept of there being “a-whole-big-world-out-there-and-no-single-person-can-explain-or-experience-every-single-thing” is not too difficult a concept to grasp. All great debaters learn that, to be the best debater you can be, you should practice arguing the opposing view point side and do droves of research. You unbelievers who are quick to judge… try this. Go on studies with paranormal teams into haunted homes. But dont go on ones where the “beings” are not aggressive. Instead go on studies where there are poltergiests and demon possessed people needing help. Then apologize to them later when you have an ugly encounter and hope and pray that you are physically able to stick “your head up your ass” because, there are things in this world that are so evil and unexplainable that, if your ass were your only hiding spot, you would thank the god above he gave you an anus.

May 3, 2010 at 3:52 pm
(26) Ed says:

Way to go Dianna! I am glad that you worded your experience in the way that you did. People who doubt are those who have never had an actual, tangible encounter. I have felt a demon (shadow) hit the side of my bed like a war hammer, literally shifting the casting wheels and bed while I was trying to sleep. My wife saw the demon full on just before it fled the room. She felt disturbed while laying down sleeping, and she opened her eyes to see a black, opaque, darkness-cloaked entity hovering off of the floor about a foot. Within the time she had to get a good look, she observed its human-like shape, its tall stature, and its deathly still figure. The only thing it actually did was stare with its faceless gaze. It’s funny how they don’t need faces when they can effectively convey their emotions toward you through the spirit. Well, the presence only lasted about 3 seconds, and then it fled. FAST. On the way across the bedroom wall, the demon hammered my bed like an NFL football player running full on into the side of my bed.

Of course, you know how those ‘rods and cones’ can really play with the brain… (stupid and uninformed mess if I ever heard it.) I suppose the testimonies of thousands and perhaps millions aren’t enough, even when you do see them HEAD ON. We are all delusional nuts, right?

Anyway, the demon left at breakneck speed with hostility. It happened as soon as my wife said, “Father, in Heaven. Please make him go.” That’s all it took. Of course it hauled tail out of the room. They blatantly see the Holy Spirit emanating out of the physical body of a believer in Jesus Christ! My wife and I are both believers and for good reason.

Demons, according to the Holy Bible, have three goals:

1. To steal
2. To kill
3. To destroy

Sometimes, when even the most faithful of us go through hard times, the evil ones come to capitalize on the emotional turmoil. My marriage was going through a trying time, and I was feeling rage and hatred during this period. My weakness has always been music, as that has been a most effective way for me to cope with emotions. I turned my back on the God who gave me breath, and I did it by walking my own emotionally charged path. I played death metal in my car, home, and CD player. It spoke so plainly of the way I felt. However, it also solicits unwanted attention from ‘other’ things. The demonic sigils on the front covers of my discs served as an invitation, and the lyrics did the same. I do not know how it works, but the unholy DO respond to it. Couple that with my extreme hatred and anger, and you get a homing beacon that says, “Psst. In here. Come see the dysfunction!” If it weren’t for the fact that God Almighty allowed the incident to happen, I don’t know if things would have ever been straightened out. It got both of our attentions like nothing else. We both realized very quickly that there are forces of darkness that want nothing more than to wreak havoc in circumstances where there is already damage.

For a time afterward, there were no sightings, but there were incidents with the radio coming on ‘by itself’ (yeah right), religious books being cast onto the floor by the unclean spirits, and whispers in the house after hours. After talking to the Lord, they left. They didn’t go immediately, as I think God wants us to continue to pray and demonstrate our faith in His ability, unwaveringly, before He answers. Trust me. God does not lack in power. He just does things when He is ready. Throughout all this, we were never touched by the spirit. No harm came to anything in our home either.

For those who are unfortunate enough not to have the faith to believe in Jesus Christ, if you ever encounter one of these unclean spirits, call on the name of the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. Cry out for help, and He WILL deliver you. Demons tremble at the mention of His name. Hell quakes at the thought of His judgment. When He walked the streets of Jerusalem, He was God wrapped in human flesh before the masses. Most could not see what He was, because He was a man in appearance. They chose to ignore the blind being made to see, the dead jumping out of their caskets at the passing of His shadow in the noonday sun, the deaf hearing again, the lame leaping onto their formerly crippled legs, and His own undeniable resurrection in spite of the fact that the Roman guard wanted to be sure His corpse didn’t go anywhere. Hundreds saw Him after His death. He walked again in the flesh with His wounds still open, and He invited a doubting disciple to press his fingers into the wounds.

The shadow people, plainly said, are DEMONS. DEMONS. DEMONS. They won’t always necessarily possess, harm, haunt, or kill during a sighting. If they gain too much of a notoriety with showing that their shadowy presence coincides with the Biblical description of their behaviors, it would completely blow their cover. Demons are hyper-intelligent, organized, communicative, fallen angels who are always assembled for combat. They hate the sons of man, and they would prefer that people be unbelieving in spite of their appearances and people’s testimonies.

They have two preferences:

1. They don’t want to be acknowledged as existent, for now. (Especially if they can’t work with you toward a destructive end.)

2. They want to be fully embraced by one who is willing to serve them. (With the belief of a prospective demoniac, they will more fully reveal themselves.)

These creatures are EXTREMELY egotistical and desire the servitude of a wayward soul. The best lie the devil ever convinced people of is that he doesn’t exist. Satan, and his ‘shadows’ want the gullible. Demons entice and will give promise of great wealth and socioeconomic status in return for the faithful service of a human.

They lie.

Ultimately, they will possess an unbelievers body if trifled with, and they can kill the person by manipulating their mind. Demons can make a person do all kinds of unsavory things. Self-mutilation, starvation, immediate suicide, etc… are all ways to achieve their goals. The purpose is to send the possessed to hell by their untimely death. Demons do not want a living person to receive forgiveness of sin by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ. They also do not want a person to acknowledge they have a need of forgiveness for sin in the sight of God.

For more information concerning the unholy, visit http://www.jesus-is-savior.com. I know that for most, the site will be a fanatical, visually bombarding experience. The site is truly excellent, and I hope that you will not be deterred by the overload of info. Some may think it a conspiracy website, but then again, reality is stranger than fiction.

To target exactly what you are looking for, search the site only and not the web. They provide a search engine at the top for the site. Type in ‘demons.’

God bless.

May 10, 2010 at 1:56 pm
(27) Tricia says:

Ive always wondered about shadow people. Like everyone else on here, Ive had an experience as well. A few years ago I was looking out the window and near a tree I saw a shadow figure staring at me with glowing red eyes. I was intrigued and very curious. Something told me to keep staring at it! Eventually I fell asleep and in the morning I couldnt open up my eyes. I had crusty eye matter glued to my eye lids and after washing my eyes out they were red and puffy the entire day. This has been the only time in my life that this has ever happened to me. Im not sure if anyone has ever experienced that, but if someone could give me some insight on it I would love to hear it.

May 24, 2010 at 11:38 am
(28) They call me Ree says:

My children and I had just moved into an apartment, and due to the fact that all was not unpacked, we decided to sleep together in my bed the first night. As we lay down, the profile of a man in a hat appeared on the ceiling, seeming to walk into the room, look around, look down at us, and then continue on ‘his’ way. My children were terrified, yet I was calm and at ease. I immediately jumped up to look out the window, thinking maybe someone outside was reflected in the street light. To my surprise, I realized this would not have been possible. Our apartment was on the second story, and the street lamp was positioned above us in such a way that unless the ‘man’ were walking twenty feet in the air, we could not have seen it. Adding to that, a very large fir tree obstructed much of the light from outside. The only explanation I can come up with is that the ‘walking man’, as we call him now, simply MUST have been in the room with us. I have talked to my mother regarding this and she feels it was her father watching over us, however, I did not recognize the profile as that of my grandfather. Perhaps this encounter was with these Shadow People, as you all have described. I do not know. But I will say that I never once felt uncomfortable in that apartment or unsafe. If anything, I felt a sense of peace and, more than once, that I was not alone, but being protected.

This is but one of many experiences, and I am a true believer in the paranormal, though I do not especially like that term. Who are we to say what is ‘normal’ in this world we know so little about? I believe we share our space with several different layers of existence. For those who do not believe….. you will. Perhaps when you are relinquished to ‘the other side’, you might return to your loved ones and apologize for the narrow minded life path you chose.

May 28, 2010 at 7:53 pm
(29) tyler says:

i just saw a person in the corner of my eye in my bathroom, im really freaked out right now, what do i do? please answer quickly

July 14, 2010 at 1:21 am
(30) darla glibbery says:

Those of you people who do not know Christ, or believe in God, I can understand you not believing that shadow people are demons. But, to those of us who are born-again, there can only be one logical explanation for shadow people, and that is that they are demons.

October 2, 2010 at 4:38 pm
(31) jessica says:

okayy i have lefft comments on here before but now my shadow is coming back..i have done everything my priest and other peopl have told me to do and it just wont go away..what does it want from me..its seriously affecting my life cuz i spend so much time researching! i need help!
email me with any information pleasseee

October 4, 2010 at 8:09 pm
(32) Mike says:

I have seen shadow people on 2 separate occasions. However after asking my doctor about it, he informed me that due to moving up to college and having an irregular stress schedule along with a change in sleeping environment I was actually having periods of sleep paralysis where “shadow people” sightings are very common as a hallucination while being in the hynogogic state. They are obviously not real in the sense that they can interact with you while you are awake. But seemed scarily real when I was hallucinating, to the point where I actually was trying to talk back to them. Shout profanities at them actually.

October 12, 2010 at 10:12 pm
(33) Mac says:

I never knew of the existence of shadow people until today, not untill i went online and typed up fog like shapes with red eyes. When i was a kid around 5, I saw what everyone calls the red eye shadow. It was just my dad and I as a kid. He worked at night so i was alone in the house all night. I used to hear all the sound, creaks, any noise a house could make in the still of night. I would pull the covers over my head because i believed notheing could get me under them. I remember this night like it was yesterday because of the effect it had on me. I was under the covers when the feeling of a body was over me, that feeling you get when someone is just inches from you and you can fell their body presence. It was so big that i thought it was my dad but it didn’t feel right so i pulled the covers from my head slowly until i could see what that feeling was. I couldn’t make it out but that it had a massive, fuzzy, fog like appearance. I had no idea if my eyes were playing tricks on me seeing shapes that weren’t there until i saw what i thought were eyes. Two red like eye shapes were hovering above me staring down at me. This was the most scariest momment in my life and it’s something i have never been able to forget. I remember when i saw those glowing eyes that i froze up for a sec untill my fear made me snap back and pull the cover sback over my head because i thought if i couldn’t see it then it couldn’t hurt me. I don’t remember when the feeling of something else being there went away. i just layed there shaking until i fell asleep. I always thought I was crazy for seeing this until today. It feels good to know i’m not the only person out there seeing these so called shadow people.

November 26, 2010 at 7:36 am
(34) L says:

My brother started seeing them a year ago,and they still haunt him untill this very day. He told me two of them would pin him to the bed while the other one looked. I’ve seen them while I was over at his house watching TV, and when I looked I saw a dark shadow person standing in the den doorway. Not only that, they would talk to me telepathically, asking me where is he? and why am I over here?

January 2, 2011 at 9:49 pm
(35) Shred says:

allan, shadow people are in fact demons. But you are not understanding them exactly. They are not “evil” at all bro, not one bit. they are in fact more pure than angels and help and do more and help more often than angels do. Angels cannot tread all ground like a demon can. Or what a person can for that matter.

January 9, 2011 at 11:16 am
(36) Andy says:

I’ve seen a lot of evidence of shadow people in my life, but I search the web looking for more. I’ve come to the conclusion that the usual shadowy forms people see are the result of sleep paralisis inducedvhallucinations of a creative mind and in some cases legitimate spiritual activity.

I believe there are 2 sides to the spiritual activity as well. Forms and shapes of deceased people and the ones I call “the others”. I believe most human spirits don’t wish to disturb or scare us, hence the speedy withdrawal once noticed. However, “the others” are not human as near as I can tell. Demons? I suppose so, if you’re from a judeo-christian background. Though demon comes from the greek word daemon, meaning spirit.

I was never a believer in what I called “idiocy” until I and many of my friends had our own experiences with something dark, shadowy, and clearly bent on causing us stress. I wish I knew what it was. I have done things in the past to make it go away, but every so often I overhear a conversation or have a friend admit to having a similar experience.

I’m not entirely convinced that they can do more than rattle a few objects and go bump in the night, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be terrifying. Are they getting stronger? Will they ever be able to do more? I can only say I hope not.

I’ve devoted a large, and probably unhealthy, amount of my time to studying this and other paranormal phenomenon. What I’ve found is evidence of these occurances throughout written history.

Like all other things in life, perhaps science will one day have an answer. In the mean time we should remember that just because we don’t know what or why they are here, it does not mean they aren’t here. One cannot see radio waves, but we all believe in them because science has found a way to show them to our senses.

December 14, 2011 at 2:51 am
(37) Elise Renee Gingerich says:

That Drawn Picture Above, Actually Looks Alot Like A Terminator, Doesn’t It Though?? That Drawn Picture Above Looks Just Like A Terminator…. ps: maybe they are terminators?? you think maybe they are terminators?? even bio organic terminators, maybe?? you think they might have made even bio organic terminators too?? Nobody Believed In The Terminators Either…..In The Movie, Nobody Believed In The Terminators Either…..hmmmm…..hmmmm i wonder…. i just have to wonder….from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas Usa yay!:) anyways….Here’s Hoping For A Happy Holiday To You All, Amen!

February 24, 2012 at 11:52 pm
(38) teresa says:

when i was a child i was tormented by something evil it would hold me down and i was unable to scream move or fight this thing.n ow i am still afraid in my home i can feel something watching me ,following me in my hallway and if i turn my back away from my bedroom entrance i can feel it next to me.my son told me about his feeklings of being watched,afraid and he won`t walk to the bathroom without a light .I told him to say ‘ leave me alone im a child of god and he told me that he was slapped in the back of the head.he begged me not to get holywater or try a cleansing wikth sage because he doesn`t want me to get hurt.I never told my son of my childhood experience i was held down unable to scream move pray or do anything when i was a child living in a house that had been abandoned but semi renovated by my father and mom .I had a very hard childhood fillled with constant torment by many things including my mother who changed in that house she died there after i was taken from her @ the age of 12 .I believe that whatever was ther attached itself to me in some form and recently my niece told me about being held down and physically paralized exactly as i was.My niece is killing herself with drugs and in constant mental torment its as if she has two personalities and right now the’self destructive being is in control.i am afraid that this thing now wants my son and i can feel its presence today. My son knows that something is with us and its not a loing or protective spirit it thrives on anger ,fights and distrust and depression.I haven`t figured out what to do to fight back but i am open to suggestions i do not want this thing to kill my son or anyone else around me. If you have advice or can offer me som insight id really appreciate it.By the way i wrote this down and somehow it was deleted about 10 min ago

February 25, 2012 at 2:41 am
(39) lynn777 says:

shadow people are simply Demons, the fallen angels, a.k.a. the “Soul Reapers” these creatures are very dangerous, they kill children and elderly people…they come to you especially at night while you are asleep and they suck the life out of you slowly but surely. they are looking foe those people who are vunerable like to young ones, the sick and who are lacking faith from God. Their job is to harm you, they make sure that you suffer and they love to torment you for a long period of time. they make you feel,think and do bad things to yourself and to other people. they are LEGIONS from Hell. they are the destroyers of human kind. “stay away from them” if you have to move to another place…please …please …please move, for they will not go away.!!!

March 12, 2012 at 6:15 pm
(40) Shadow Creatures says:

I think this stuff is really scary, and paradoxically I am stil skeptical.

March 12, 2012 at 6:16 pm
(41) Shadow Creatures says:

I hope you will permit me to share my experiences and research into Shadow Creatures to your readership.

March 27, 2012 at 5:02 pm
(42) I believe; yet don't. says:

Plenty of people see things out of the corner of their eye quite often, especially when its dark… That doesn’t automatically mean it was a demon/shadow person. Your mind tends to play tricks on you.
When I was around 10 years old, I spent the night at my fathers new house. That night, he made me a makeshift bed on the couch and told me i could watch tv. An hour or so later, i was flipping through channels and started watching Xena. Ten minutes into the show, a black figure appeared standing beside the tv. It DID NOT have red eyes. It was just black like a shadow. Iit was 3 deminsional; like a person. When i saw it i just stared at it. I was too scared to move but i didnt feel the need to scream.. I continued to stare, when it starts to walk towards me. Then it stops and throws what i call a bug (it had wings and was small) but it was also black and shadow-like. The ‘bug’ hit me in the shoulder and i could feel the ‘wings’ flutter against my arm. I drew the blanket i had closer to me. Until it started walking towards me again and kept throwing the bugs one by one. I could hear when the bugs hit things such as the couch or floor but i didnt take my eyes off the shadow person. Finally, i drew the covers over my head and just laid there in fear, until i finally fell asleep. The entity did not ever touch me or hurt me.
I did tell my grandma though, when i was around 14 and she told me that the person that lived there before my dad ended up in a mental hospital cause she said there were demons in the house. (The neighbor had found her hiding and call 911, told mt dad when he bought the house).
Nothing ever happened to my dad or sisters in the house (that i know of). Im 20 now and will never forget that day.
I tried finding info to see if other people had experiences with these things throwing stuff like the bugs i experinced and havent found anything. And like i said, it didnt have red eyes. So im not sure if it was a shadow person or something else.

July 16, 2012 at 11:48 am
(43) carey says:

Shadow people are scary.

We have no idea of knowing what they are, what they will do, or what they are capable of.

What I do know is this – We are stronger.

If you want to be able to protect yourself, It has nothing to do with christianity, catholicism, or god unless you believe they can help you.
Wrap whatever faith you have around you like a shield. Whether it be love for god, or a person, or simply a memory that reminds you of happiness.
Visualise a bright, white or purple light all around you. Blast them with this light.

Do not provoke them, or challenge them to appear.

Do not attack, only defend.

You can get rid of them once they know that you’re too difficult to influence or scare.

Curiosity killed the cat.

October 8, 2012 at 11:00 am
(44) sharon says:

When I was aged about 7 myself and my sister shared a bedroom. One night I woke up to see a big black shadow silhouette of a man i felt, standing in front of my bedroom door at the foot of my bed. I saw it full on not from the corner of my eye but facing me. My reaction was to pull the covers over my face and keep silent as I was to scared to move or scream. I did keep peeking to see if it had gone but it remained there. Next thing I heard was my sister screaming she had also woken up and seen it. It remained standing there not moving until my mother heard us and opened our door and then it disappeared into the back of the door. I have never seen it since I am now 42 and I never want to see it or anything like that again.

October 17, 2012 at 1:38 am
(45) sir. doggie says:

they’re bad

April 21, 2013 at 11:04 am
(46) luis says:

I saw one as a kid and it scared the living sh*t out of me. It was a black human form with no eyes or mouth or clothes on. It opened the door from the bedroom I was leaning on, looked down at me then closed the door. My grandmother looked under the bed and in the closet and there was nobody there. The windows have bars on the outside so its impossible to get in or out. I never forget what I know I clearly saw, I couldnt see through him but it was all black with no face. It was like it didnt know I was there until it looked down to the floor where I was sitting and noticed me then closed the door quickly.

June 17, 2013 at 4:46 am
(47) rebel1120 says:

When I was sleeping at a friends house and I saw what could only be described as a shadow person the only thing was that it was white. It scared me at first because I was younger and wasn’t expecting it. This figure again appeared to me at my grandparents shortly there after. When I first looked it appeared to have red eyes but when I looked at it and focused the eyes were like a blue. It felt as if it was female and neither time did I feel threatened but scared of shock. Before these events I saw a real shadow person and the experience was completely different. I have recently been thinking about this and want to learn more about the white shadow person, it was the same one, that I saw all those years ago just so I know. If you can help I thank you in advance!

July 14, 2013 at 11:08 am
(48) Chub says:

My son was about 3 years old and my son and husband were alseep at my mother in law’s house in the guest bed (i was actually working 3rd shift that night and not there) He woke up to one sitting on top of the head board, but this time he saw its feet were like bird talons and it had some sort of wings. It then started to point at our son and spoke to my husband. The most messed up part of the whole thing was that he found out the “words” it was saying weren’t gibberish. He memorized as best he could the words (being that it wasn’t English) and he googled them the next day. It turned out it was Latin for “Watch him, protect him”!!!! It would be less freaky had it been some more recent language and well.. if it never happened at all actually.
Unfortunately, I finally saw one in the same bed some weeks or so after this. It was just a FACE looming in my face as I was laying in bed asleep. And at first I thought it was my husband trying to talk to me without remembering that I am an utter grump and I do not fully understand anyone when they talk to my sleeping body until my eyes are open. (so I was a little annoyed) and I say to what I thought was my husband something like “yeah yeah.. hold on” and while I was going to flick on the lamp I had put on my glasses and opened my eyes for the process. And that’s when I saw the FACE! It was like a mask, very dark grey.. and serene (spooky because of it) kind of like those renaissancey happy/sad masks. I was LIKE WTF. And got to the lamp at mach speed. It disappeared then. I was like… So I just talked to this horrifying thing like I was annoyed at my husband.. serves it right. Never saw it again yet. I hope I never do.

July 14, 2013 at 11:13 am
(49) Cheekinator says:

At first I only knew about shadow people through my husband’s experiences and my best friend from childhood’s experiences. My husband’s experiences stopped as a teenager. But after we were together and my son was about 3 years old and my son and husband were sleeping over his mother’s house and in her guest bed together (i was actually working 3rd shift that night and not there) He woke up to one sitting on top of the head board, but this time he saw its feet were like bird talons and it had some sort of wings. It then started to point at our son and spoke to my husband. The most messed up part of the whole thing was that he found out the “words” it was saying wasn’t in English. He memorized as best he could the words (being that it wasn’t his language) and he googled them the next day. It turned out it was Latin for “Watch him, protect him”!!!! It would be less freaky had it been some more recent language and well.. if it never happened at all actually.

July 30, 2013 at 1:37 am
(50) Hunter_b says:

Well I can’t recall ever seeing one face to face. Though as a child I have always felt as though I was being watched, and have known for a long time that I was not alone.

The thing that really gets to me though one the day that I got married, I felt a presence with me the whole. It wasn’t until I got the photos back that I realised I wasn’t alone in the photos that were taken at my parents house. In the photos there is a shadow of a tall perhaps hooded figure. There are three photos that it appears in, and the first of which looks like the being walks into the photo from the side then stop in the centre between my best friend. I was not afraid of it, though a child I often begged my parents to walk me to my room and stay with me through the night, for a fear that I can only explain now was dark presence.

And again at my old house when I was asleep and my partner working shift work, I was woken up but before I opened my eyes, I could see a silhouette of a person looming over me, but as soon as I opened my eyes there it was gone. In that same house our cat never left my side and often would stare at one place then hiss then run away. Whatever is around me I am not frightened of, infact would like to know just what it is, whether they are shadows from a past life or indeed these shadow people.

November 9, 2013 at 1:25 am
(51) Tracey says:

A few years ago I was asleep in my bed when I woke up and saw a dark shadow of a tall man standing on the foot of my bed with his right arm reaching out to me. I told myself I was dreaming and attempted to wake myself up. I sat up, closed my eyes and shook my head. When I opened my eyes, it was still there. At this same time, the electricity in my home started blinking. It blinked several times before going off. It was only off for 45 seconds to minute. Meanwhile, before the electricity starting blinking, my son, who was 15 years old at that time, woke up and immediately ran down to the hall, thinking to himself….I have to check on mama. I dont know what happened that night, but I know it was something beyond my understanding. Has anyone had this happen to them?

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