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"My uncle, who lived in [northern Oklahoma] all his life, told a story about how when he was about ten years old," says Okie. "He was going out to the outhouse one cold winter night and said that as he tried to open the outhouse door, there was something inside it, preventing it from opening. My uncle said he was sleepy and cold and just wanted to do his business and be done with it and get back into the warm house, so he pushed his way into the outhouse with a bit of force. He was suddenly confronted by running right into a huge, stinking, hairy creature...." Read the rest of Okie's encounter.

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June 28, 2011 at 6:24 pm
(1) Eric says:

For some reason, that just struck me as funny. I could almost imagine his reaction when he opened the door – priceless. I think I’d be screaming “Monsters” too!

Apparently, this is a bigger thing than I thought. I ran across an article on hubpages (<a href="http://hubpages.com/hub/OklahomaBigfoot&quot; Boggy Bottom Monster ) that fascinated me. I would have never imagined there would be sightings in Oklahoma. It seems that there are a lot more sightings here than I would have ever imagined. It makes me wonder, though, are there really strange creatures that we just haven’t discovered yet?

Thanks for the story, it made me smile!

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