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Stephen Wagner

Fakes and the Faking Fakers Who Fake Them

By May 29, 2010

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I haven't blogged much about the so-called paranormal "reality" TV shows on this website because I really don't think much of them. They may be entertaining in their own way, but they are hardly reality. Very often they are staged, scripted, even faked to produce the needed entertainment value. There's very little "reality" about them. (I think this goes for just about every reality show out there, not just the paranormal ones.)

This is TV, after all, and their primary goal is to engage and entertain. Ask any real paranormal investigator and they will tell you that 90 percent (if not more) of their investigations produce very little evidence; that's just the nature of the phenomena. Yet every investigation by the teams on TV produce all kinds of evidence, from moving chairs and lamps to ghostly manifestations to psychic contact. Virtually every time. That's not likely and it's not believable. But the producers have a show to deliver every week and it would be quite a disappointment to viewers if nothing happened. So they make something happen.

The bottom line: if you like watching these shows, fine... but do not accept them at face value. For more on this subject, read this article.

What do you think?


June 5, 2010 at 4:13 pm
(1) Suttree says:

Neat, a(n) homage to the late (well sort of) D.B. Donlon and his exellant blog. I was trying to read the whole thing and was half way into the Georgia Bigfoot body hoax when he pulled the plug on it, sad…

May 29, 2011 at 9:16 pm
(2) Don Martin says:

I hope more people speak up and address this fake paranormal team issue. The nuts that follow these show have help create an industry where self proclaimed experts are selling tons of paranormal spook chaing gear including EMF meters, ultraviolet and infrared cameras, thermometers, motion detectors, custom cameras, ovulus, lasers and God only knows what else. Quacks have set up web sites where they sell everything from spiritual massages, to CDs to tickest to ghost chasing events. It is unbelievable teh number of complete morons tha tare paying out hard earned money to support these paranormal snake oil salesmen.

It seems incredible to me that people with tourist traps, needing publicity, seem to experience live ghosts, spooks and goblins with no gear at all, but let one of these quack paranormal teams walk in and they have more toys than Romper Room. The most excitement you see are people claiming they are touched by goblins, EVPs where members of the paranormal teams hear things that NSA could not manage to decrypt with a super computer and they are constantly hearing stuff that no one in the TV audience can hear whatsoever. The really sad part is these morons who follow this garbage like there is some credibility connected with what is going on in these shows. No wonder they call it the boob tube.

I hope I can manage to come back from the afterlife as a spirit because I’m going to go look up some of these moron quacks and scare the living crap out of them.

October 15, 2011 at 12:52 pm
(3) Haunted Memphis says:

If a paranormal investigator puts forth “evidence” of the paranormal, and he is a multiple convicted violent felon, and a multiple convicted forger, are we to believe his “evidence?”

May 19, 2012 at 6:14 am
(4) Shaun Underwood says:

Your going on a FAKE TV SHOWS. I cant stand them and hate everything they stand for but sadly your asking people to FAKE PARANORMAL PICTURES and in my mind and also in the mind of others.YOUR JUST AS BAD.

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