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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: Strange Device in Another Dimension

By November 7, 2012

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"In July, 1998 I was living with my family in Cloverdale, California," reports Aleon. "I decided that a nap sounded delicious, so I lay down across the width of our bed. I don't know how long I slept, but I began to gently waken. I should have been looking at a wall, but instead I was staring at a strange device. What I saw was an open metal tube framework with something I took to be a camera in its center. There was a bright red light in the middle and I stared at the device for perhaps a minute until it gradually faded away. Perhaps it was just an illusion of a sleepy brain... or perhaps we are all being observed -- but by whom?"

What a fascinating report, Aleon! What you might have experienced is a waking dream or, in medical terms, a hypnopompic hallucination. But we're more interested in your second "perhaps" -- after all, this website is all about the possibilities of the fantastic and the unexplained. Could you have in that brief moment caught a glimpse of a parallel dimension or another reality? What you witnessed seems so specific and mysterious. Perhaps you saw the realm where ghosts, psychic phenomena, and maybe even aliens reside. Are we all being watched?

Here are more reports and pictures of "watchers":


November 10, 2012 at 10:24 am
(1) shirley says:

Yes it is a sense of being watched but by who or what or where is not for us to know. Shadows..scenes..objects are briefly seen but they just seem to dissapate within seconds. They are not dreams thats for sure.

November 11, 2012 at 3:22 pm
(2) Bob says:

This reminds me of a short story I once read. Two scientists were developing a quantum computer capable of simulating the Universe. Once they got their simulation up and running, they fast forwarded through the evolution of the Universe until they arrived to their current date, only to be surprised and see their own selves watching down another simulation, with another copy watching, ad infinitum. They got curious and decided to see what would happen if they materialized an object inside their simulation, and the same object materialized in their own Universe.

What if our Universe is also a simulation, and the object that Aleon saw was materialized by the Creator to observe our Universe?

November 12, 2012 at 1:51 pm
(3) Diana says:

Yes, I also experienced something very strange in my house. My husband died in the house 7 years ago and since then I have experienced numerous paranormal activity. One night, I found myself downstairs in the living room with two men standing by my lamp and table. One man went over to the kitchen and he was carrying some type of device. I was gray with a hole in the middle of it. It look like a round tube. He wanted to go upstairs and I yelled No, No you cannot go up there. The other man came over to me and smiled and he had an awful smell on him – like decay. These ghost come and go in the house along with my husband. I have written a book and I will be publishing my second one soon called “Paranormal Fright”

November 13, 2012 at 3:30 pm
(4) Sam says:

There’s been at least one incident in which something I was looking at –well, I didn’t recognize or know just what i was seeing…I went and got anothe person and asked them what they saw. that cant always be done though.
sometymes things will appear to us based on what and how we believe.
Remember the writings of Charles Forte: his basic premise was that the human race is surrounded by things we neither know the existence of much less the purpose of –but we ignore such because if we acknowledge such as real, we would have to do somethingabout it.

November 14, 2012 at 9:55 pm
(5) Max says:

Likely a dream. It is sometimes difficult distinguishing between a wakeful state and a dreaming one – like sleep paralysis. Interesting though.

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