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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: Aunt's Deathbed Vision Reunites Family

By November 12, 2012

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"This happened in 1984 in Medani, Sudan," reports Isameldin. "We were surprised when my dying aunt asked to see her paternal uncle, whom we knew she hated. He was the father of her husband, whom she hated the most! Her daughters and her only one son, whom she adored, were all around, yet she did not ask them in.

"Once she saw the uncle, she smiled sweetly, directing her looks once to the corner of the room and again to her uncle, always smiling. What came to my thinking was that the apparitions of her father and his brothers, who passed away along time ago, asked to see their brother."

Thanks for the great report, Isameldin, which shows that deathbed visions happen around the world and in all cultures. Author and researcher Carla Wills-Brandon has written extensively on this phenomenon, and many of our readers have shared their stories, including these:

... and more.


November 12, 2012 at 10:32 pm
(1) Elizabeth says:

I am attempting to navigate this site for the first time and have not seen a way to contact you, other than thru this blog. My comment is not about this blog post, but about the write up you have done on the sightings and visions that took place beginning in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal, of the Virgin Mary. Your portrayal of these events and the Secrets shared and foretold by Mary are largely accurate, with one major exception – Russia was never, explicitly, consecrated to Mary’s Immacualte Heart, as requested by Mary. Rather, Popes have consecrated the entire world o her Heart, but have never followed through with Mary’s directive that it was Russia that must be explicitly named. She even retuned to sister Lucy to tell her that the consecration of the entire world had saved many lives and souls in WWII, but it was not precisely what she had asked, and in a separate vision, Jesus himself appeared to her to convey his disappointment in the lack of follow through. This is a very important distinction and one that I hope you will research and then modify your posting. Visit Fatima.org for additional details. Many Fatima believers have called the Holy Father to fulfill this request and the reasons none have done so are opaque and he source of much speculation. Thank you for your time, as well as due diligence on this important matter.

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