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News: Plantation Ghost, Bigfoot Face, Flying Saucer

By December 15, 2012

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Myrtles Plantation GhostParanormal news and views for December 15, 2012:

  • Reporter's footage of ghosts in haunted plantation goes viral
  • Video: Peeping Tom Bigfoot face
  • Ghosts and Christmas: Do they go together or not?
  • Flying saucer photographed from airplane window
  • Video: Selling a haunted house
  • Paranormal presence haunts home of Iowa baseball players
  • 10 great places to walk in the shadow of Bigfoot
  • Melba Ketchum to release high-definition video of Sasquatch
  • Another Georgia man claims to have another Bigfoot in a freezer
  • Shifting black eyes of black-eyed people
  • Nazca Lines --new research says "still an enigma"
  • Strange flashes and crashes illuminate the Americas

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December 19, 2012 at 6:19 pm
(1) Scott says:

Picture of the UFO while on the plane was interesting. Of course we need to see more photos from different people on the plane to verify it. If many pictures by different people exist then this is s great story and photo. The reporter with the ghost at Myrtle plantation was interesting. But can we say that was a ghost? Maybe just light refleciton in the camera lens. I didn’t even bother with the bigfoot nonsense.

December 19, 2012 at 9:59 pm
(2) paranormal says:

Scott, I agree that there is a lot of Bigfoot nonsense out there, but we shouldn’t let it get in the way of the good sightings. There are many good sightings by reliable people. I think the sightings by Les Stroud of Survivorman are very interesting. I also was very intrigued by that UFO photo.

December 20, 2012 at 12:58 am
(3) Scott says:

I didn’t recognize the pic of Surivorman. I thought it might have been some sort of TV reality show (Survivor) or something. But I now recognize the guy and have seen his shows and have respect for him and his talent. I watched all the video and it was pretty good. My only problem was that he didn’t see anything. He heard things but nothing definitive. At the end of the video the host starts comparing the squid with bigfoot but that is a poor comparison. We don’t live in the sea and I bet there are a lot of creatures in the dark of the ocean that we haven’t discovered yet. A squid is not a 8-9 foot creature walking around parts of the Untied States. So my thesis remains the same. No good sightings by reliable people, no good pictures out there, no skeleton or bones found to date. No carcasses. No examples of instruments that bigfoot might use. If bigfoot is intelligent enough to bury dead as they suggest where is it’s dwellings? So even though it’s a good talk there by a guy who I respect, I still think what he heard could have been something other than bigfoot even though he said it was bipedal. But thanks for the response and pointing out survivor man. I do plan to see his bigfoot special if it ever comes out and I hope that it doesn’t make me think less of him.

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