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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: A Comforting Hand

By December 26, 2012

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"This happened in July, 2011 in my flat in Ann Arbor, Michigan," writes Cathy. "I was suffering from really bad depression and anxiety. The pills the doctors had prescribed for me made me hear voices that told me how horrible I was and how I shouldn't keep hurting other people by living.

"One night, I had a big panic attack and these voices were shouting in my ears. Eventually, I cried myself to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up, freezing, and felt someone petting my hair, like my mother used to do to relax me. It was very soothing, and I let my hair be petted for a little bit. At first, I thought that my roommate had stayed at my side and was making sure I was okay, but when I rolled over to thank her, there was no one else in the room. All the lights were off, and I could hear her softly snoring in her room.

"I remember telling whoever it was that 'that was really creepy' and to 'please stop' before huddling under the covers again. I thanked it for caring, though, before falling back asleep."

Thanks for that report, Cathy. Many others have reported experiences of being comforted from the "other side":


December 27, 2012 at 4:09 pm
(1) anonomyssy says:

Your story really hooked me in that you said the depression meds you took made you hear voices, that were essentially telling you to kill yourself. Please google a website http://www.srristories.com …every time you see stories of these bizarre shootings, like the sad recent tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary, the shooters are on these crazy meds.

Please seek other treatments…the lists of suicides, and bizarre murders are listed on the SRRIstories page, and they are HUGE and unbelievable.

There is a nutrient in cashews, which is great for depression, get some sunlight, and please take good care of yourself.

December 31, 2012 at 10:16 am
(2) Canddace L. Talmadge says:

That hand may well have been from one of Cathy’s spirit guides. Guides are always with us, and in our time of great need they do their best to reach out to us in any way possible.

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