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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: Ghost's Gurgling Message

By January 7, 2013

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"This happened in Alberta, Canada when I was eight years old," reports Shirley. "I usually shared a bed with my sister, but for some reason I was told to sleep on the couch. I was glad about this because I could watch TV. I watched TV until I was tired, then turned it off and turned over to face the back of the couch. I was still on one elbow when I heard a noise behind me. I could not move. I was unable to even move my head, and whatever was behind me was out of my field of vision.

"As I lay there, I could hear it breathing deeply... labored breathing. Then in a voice I can only describe as a deep, adult male voice, but someone with water-filled lungs, gurgled to me, "I love you" -- twice... and it continued its labored breathing. Suddenly I could move, and I ran into my sister's room. To this day, I can still hear that voice in my head. It terrified me."

The quality of the voice sounds pretty terrifying alright, Shirley, despite its affectionate message. Many people have reported receiving audible messages from what they believed to be ghosts. If true, we do not know how ghosts are able to speak since they are not physical beings and therefore have no vocal cords. Could it be that they "speak" telepathically? Or are they somehow able to manipulate ambient energy to reproduce human speech? If it's the latter, it could be that your loving ghost was having difficulty creating the sounds, resulting in that gurgling message.

Here are some other audible ghost messages, including one in a foreign language, and one that saved a life:


January 9, 2013 at 10:16 pm
(1) Visara says:

If she was laying down, she was most likely asleep and just had a bad dream. Any account, whether ghostly or alien, if the person’s in bed when it happens, it’s too easily passed off as a dream.

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