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Video: Kinect-ing with Ghosts

By January 30, 2013

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Kinect ghost

In this video recorded at the reputedly Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado at a Darkness Radio event, researchers set up a Kinect motion-sensing device with an infrared camera. The set-up apparently depicts people its aimed at as stick figures, and it does depict a woman sitting in a chair as a stick figure. However, it also rendered a small, child-sized figure in the "empty" chair next to her. So what is the Kinect picking up?

There are some unanswered questions about this video and very little detail provided. Go watch it.


February 4, 2013 at 10:55 am
(1) Patricia says:

The Kinect for PC system they are using is still in the experimental stage. Microsoft only sells it to people who are developing apps for it so it isn’t available to the general public yet. I think this particular application has a lot of potential though. The Kinect does motion sensing among other things and it uses an infrared camera. So to answer the question of could it be faked? Anything could be faked but you would need an actual person to stand-in for the ghost so the Kinect could pick it up. I would like to see the Kinect video stream right next to a live video stream from a regular camera so you could be sure there is nothing there to be seen by the naked eye.
There is no app to create a ghost unless they made the app themselves.

May 17, 2013 at 2:25 pm
(2) JerseyTechGuy says:

I’ve been developing a Kinect based system for paranormal investigating. Along with that I am using Artificial Intelligence applications that I’ve written to aid in detection. The reason? I’ve been able to create artificial skeleton tracking by creating light and shows by adjusting drapes or curtains or chairs in a certain way. The Kinect will often connect dots that are really not there. Adding the AI ability increased the reliability of it to differentiate objects from a humanoid shape. The Kinect is a great device because it has a color camera, IR laser grid and IR camera tuned to a specific wavelength as well as a 4 microphone array. These are great tools to work with but again the software needs to have some intelligence to work.

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