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Stephen Wagner

Reader Report: Sea Monkey Ghosts?

By February 4, 2013

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"Last September (2012), living in London, my housemate bought me sea monkeys for my 21st birthday," reports Clavi. "I hadn't had them since a child, so loved it! A few weeks later, our house held a party, and a friend was so drunk he poured vodka into the sea monkey's container. Safe to say, I became very angry and upset and threw him out of the house. I guess it was the nostalgia from my childhood that made them mean so much to me.

"About a week later, after spending the evening watching TV with my housemate, I went up to bed around 1 a.m. I turned my bedside light off and was attempting to go to sleep when I saw about ten tiny lights above my head -- my sea monkeys! They looked like tiny little luminescent flies, but after about two seconds, they were gone. I didn't have them long as pets, but they meant a lot to me, and I'm glad they could pass over to the other side in peace."

Some might think Clavi's report is silly or even ridiculous, and me even more so for posting it here. I mean, ghosts of sea monkeys? But her report raises a fundamental question about the possibility of ghosts. First, however, we must recognize the distinct possibility that what Clavi experienced was an optical illusion of some kind, or a phenomenon caused by eye strain. Very possible.

Yet the report forces us to consider the question of animal ghosts. Certainly the idea of ghosts of humans is commonly accepted by many people, and many pet owners will swear they have had experiences with the ghosts of their deceased pets. They have heard, felt, even seen the ghosts of their beloved cats, dogs, even horses, and other animals. So if these animals can be ghosts, are all species of animals eligible to be ghosts -- right down to mice, ants, and sea monkeys (which are actually tiny brine shrimp)? If not, then where in the animal kingdom is the line drawn? What do you think? And while you're contemplating that, consider these other unusual reports:


February 6, 2013 at 11:55 am
(1) greta says:

My take on it is that, if all living creatures possess spirits (or souls), then it follows that sea monkeys must possess them as well. Who are we to judge what role sea monkeys play in the “big picture” of life in this dimension? And even if that role isn’t very great, it’s the meaning they had for the author of the post that truly matters. So I say…go, sea monkeys!

February 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm
(2) sandra W says:

There was one time, after my cat Squeaky died at the age of eighteen-and-a-half, that I ‘felt’ her lying on my lap, as she loved to do. I reached my hand out but couldn’t feel anthing. Whether this was a visitation, to tell me that she survived, or a sort of sense memory, I really cannot say. It only happened once.

February 7, 2013 at 3:06 am
(3) Geranimo says:

Waking visual hallucinations are possible especially in the first few moments after waking…perhaps like a momentary waking dream…,made more real by the emotional rush of his memory of the
dead sea monkeys and the vodka he may have shared in himself….just a hypothesis…

February 11, 2013 at 12:42 pm
(4) Dee Dee Wise says:

During my teen years, my family and I lived out in the country. One of the unique things about living there, was the close proximity of an ancient Native American burial site, located within walking distance of our property. I loved to go meandering over the high desert country, for hours on end, accompanied by our dog, Nick (a 10 year old St. Bernard-Shepherd mix). I learned not to go thru the small canyon that held the path toward home, unless we kept to the opposite side of the creek, from where the burial ground was. Nick didn’t like it, and would growl and assume a defensive stance whenever we grew close to the site. A large tumor began to grow, attaching itself to Nick’s lower jaw. It was inoperable, and he had to be put down. My dad took the task of his burial as something of an honor, one that he must do alone. Winter came and went, eventually followed by spring and the hot days of summer. I had invited a few friends over for a hike thru the hills behind our house, and we made our way along the many deer trails, finally choosing the path that would lead us along the creek,back toward my home. As we made our way past where the burial grounds lay, something caught my eye, and I drew in a sharp breath. There was a small niche in the rock face, large enough for 1 or 2 people to fit in, directly behind the sacred grounds. In that gap stood a small boy around 4 years old, clearly Native American, and unbelievably, beside him was our dog Nick. The child’s hand rested on Nick’s back, and the dog looked at me in a reassuring way. Then they were gone. When I returned home, I. questioned my mom about where Nick was buried, thinking I would put some wild flowers on his grave site. What my mom told me was shocking, as was my tale of the days events that followed it. My dad, for reasons that only he will ever know, placed the body of our beloved Nick, in the sacred soil of the burial ground. I don’t believe that anyone else saw Nick after that.

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