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Clifford and the Doorways to Elsewhere

An extraordinary tale of a strange entity, time slips and channeling


The occult should not be taken lightly. Blithely entering into such practices as channeling or the Ouija without proper precautions or real understanding can open doors to things we don't expect or cannot comprehend. Consider this true story from David, whose parents once experimented with channeling and might have opened a door to other realities, dimensions and times. Here is David's extraordinary story:

WHEN I WAS around five or six years old, my family lived in a small town in Kentucky. My family consisted of my father, mother, sister and myself. I don't remember the first or last experiences exactly, but there was a time in those early years of childhood that the "real world" and the paranormal walked hand in hand.

My sister and I had a little friend who "lived in her closet." Anytime we wanted to talk to this "man," we would simply open the hinged closet doors and wait for him. Soon, my sister's small clothes hanging in the closet would separate and "Clifford," as we called him, would appear, leaning from behind the clothes, revealing his head, shoulders and chest. Looking back on it, Clifford was a rather thin, small fellow. I wish I could tell what he looked like, but Clifford was odd in his appearance. He seemed to be "wrapped" as a mummy is wrapped, but the wrapping itself was rather strange. The material covering Clifford seemed to be like wax paper -- thin strips of white wax paper with a dull sheen.

To this day, I can remember my sister and I talking to Clifford, but I can't remember what about. Clifford spoke with a whisper, but oddly I can't recall anything he said. My sister and I don't even know if Clifford was his name or if it was a name we gave to him.

The only other person who knew of Clifford at that time was a cousin of mine. There was a family gathering at our house and my sister and I wanted to talk to Clifford, so we ran outside and told my cousin to come in and see him. When we brought my cousin to the closet... there was Clifford. My cousin was slightly startled at first... but then something strange happened. Clifford leaned from out of the closet and kissed my cousin on the cheek.

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