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Paranormal Photo Hoax - Contest Winner

See the slide show for the winner and all entries


Plant on Mars.

Yes, there is life on Mars, as we can see in this [fake] photo.

~ Elija Jones
And we have a winner!

When I announced the Paranormal Photo Hoax Contest, I wasn't sure what (if anything) I'd receive. I'm pleased to say that I received more than 50 entries that showed a lot of creativity, cleverness, humor and an enthusiasm for the paranormal.

Many of the entries were so good that it was very difficult to choose a single winner. You'll see what I mean when you view the slide show. But I had to choose just one, right?

The winning phony photo is Martian Mud Plant, created by Elija Jones. As much as I admired many of the other submissions, I chose this photo because of its simplicity and realism. Maybe you'll agree with my choice and maybe you won't, but I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing all of the outstanding and varied photos in the slide show.

Thanks to all who entered the contest. I think we'll make this an annual event.

So without further ado, start the slide show!

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