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What Lies Beyond: Before and After Life

An extraordinary story of contact with an existence before birth and after death


Are our lives on Earth only small episodes in the continuity of our existence? Brenda Bush was privileged, she believes, with astonishing memories of the moments before her birth - memories for which she would later find proof. But this was not her only contact with "the other side." Far from it. Though brushed with tragedy, she and other members of her family experienced an ongoing connection with loved ones who had passed beyond this life. This is Brenda's story:

I am happy to know that I am not the only person who has had a pre-birth experience. I was with what appeared to me to be Catholic nuns - in heaven, I believe - who told me, "Come now, it is your turn to be born." I was scared to go and remember the fright of leaving the familiar faces and the nuns in their familiar long white gowns and long white headdresses. They were the ones who were taking care of me before I was born onto the Earth. The one nun who spoke to me also said, "I have pictures to show you of your family members."

She showed me the pictures and told me who they were. These were moving pictures, and at the end each moving picture, the person would seem to go back to their original pose in the picture. As I looked at one picture, I asked why the little girl in it had her hand wrapped up, and the nun explained to me what had happened. The girl, she said, had a little glass figurine in her hand, which fell and broke, and she got cut. I watched the moving picture of this accident occurring, and then the little girl went back into the pose, sitting on the swing in a yard.

Later in my life, I found photographs of this very scene in my mother's old metal picture box. It was a very weird feeling to see them again. My sister apparently did cut her hand and there is a picture of her sitting on a swing with her hand wrapped up. She explained to me how it happened when we were much older - the very same story the nun had told me.

I definitely remember crying and not wanting to leave the nuns, who were smiling and motioning me to go on. They waved goodbye... and then there was darkness....

My next memory is of a woman lying on a hospital bed. There were two nuns, one dressed in black and the other in white, smiling as she greeted me into the world. I was afraid of the man in the long white jacket (the doctor who delivered me). He passed me along to one of the nuns, who then gave me to my mother. I was a little reluctant to be with my mother because she was not dressed like the other women. I remember seeing her hair. I had never seen the nuns' hair before. She was different to me, yet I recognized her from the pictures the nuns had shown me, so I knew it would be okay and I stopped crying. My mother hugged me... and then my memory fades until until about age three.

I was a shy child and always a little scared because I did not know all the people around me very well, but only by remembering their pictures the nuns had shown me before I was born. I was born in a Catholic hospital - the only hospital in our small town - but my family was not Catholic. I wanted to be a nun and told my mother so at an early age, but she told me I could not, that was not my religion. I told her, yes it was and that I remember the nuns in heaven. They were my family before my family on earth.

My life took a strange twist when I was 21...

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