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Predictions for 2004

The future is always uncertain, but here are best guesses from readers for 2004


WHAT AWAITS US in 2004? What events, joyous and dreadful, surprising and shocking, lie ahead in the next 12 months? You want predictions? We've got predictions. They are not necessarity psychic predictions, but they are prognostications from members of our own Paranormal Forum. They have contributed to our second annual call for 2004 predictions in specific categories:

  • Best World Event
  • Worst World Event
  • Best National Event
  • Worst National Event
  • Greatest Scientific Discovery/Invention/etc.
  • Awards Prediction (Oscars/Grammies/Nobel Prizes)
  • Surprise Prediction
  • Other Predictions

Following are some of the most interesting responses posted in the Forum. And if you think they're way off base, you can log in and add your own predictions.


  • China will bump Japan for the ranking of the world's second-largest economy. (Tubby McApple)
  • The Arabs of the West Bank and Gaza will throw off the rule of the PLO and establish a peaceful, democratic state. (MHABER2)
  • US will pull troops out of Iraq and let the UN take over. (loibocor)
  • Iraq gets an elected government. (johnnymac)
  • Something about the Middle East - very major. Perhaps some reconciliation or peace after much bloodshed. (JB291163)
  • Cures and advances in the treatments of MS, some types of cancers, AIDS, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. (SNSANTY)
  • George W. Bush makes great strides toward bringing peace to the Middle East. (DORYSTUART)
  • Osama bin Laden will be captured before the year is out. (BGOOD26)


  • Al-qaeda will grow in strength, number and sophistication (Heart) [Although Heart had also predicted that Saddam would not be captured.]
  • Europe will average record low temperatures for all of 2004, which will result in Europe having more wacky weather and natural disasters. (Tubby McApple)
  • North Korea uses nuclear arms on the Korean Peninsula. (MHABER2)
  • Assassination of Arafat, leading to the use of a nuclear weapon in the Middle East and many die. World left on the brink of war for a period of time, but no war ensues. (DEADSEAL1)
  • In late April, or the first week of May, a major Canadian city (possibly Toronto) suffers a natural calamity. Devastating winds will be associated. (SKIDISPECTRE)
  • Start of US/N. Korea war. (loibocor)
  • Greenhouse effect. (manyone)
  • Athens 2004 Olympics - terrorism or many deaths. (JB291163)
  • Europe will be hit with a major terror attack (and blame the US for it). (BGOOD26)


  • The Space Shuttle will launch and return to earth succesfully, sometime in the middle to the late part of the year. (Heart)
  • President Bush fails to win reelection. (Tubby McApple; loibocor)
  • President Bush is re-elected in a landslide election. (MHABER2; DORYSTUART)


  • Al Qaeda will hit us with its version of shock and awe... (Heart)
  • Bush will be re-elected. (Heart; johnnymac; BGOOD26)
  • Hillary Clinton rises to national power and institutes a Communist regime. (MHABER2)
  • A new president is elected and faces a country almost evenly split between democrats and republicans with people of both parties failing to see that the only answer is within both parties. New presidency is weakened in the eyes of terrorists, leaving the world vulnerable to more terrorist attacks. (DEADSEAL1)
  • Nuclear detonation outside a major US city. It'll be blamed on incompetent terrorists at first, but independant investegations will point towords US government involvement. (loibocor)
  • A suicide bomber will strike somewhere in the United States, causing much devastation. (SNSANTY)

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