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Strange Tales 4: Which Story Is False?


Story 2: The Hairy Dwarf from Outer Space

After the end of World War II, countries around the globe seemed to be experiencing an invasion of another kind - flying saucers. UFOs were spotted in waves all over the place. Many were explainable, some were not. On rare occasions, earthlings even encountered the occupants of these alien craft - and they weren't always the now-familiar "grays" or even the humanoid "Nordics." Sometimes these UFO pilots were far stranger.

In the autumn of 1954, for example, three French children had such a bizarre encounter near their rural home. It was October 9 and the children were enjoying the day roller skating. They were astonished to see a "round shiny machine" land very close to them. "Out of it came a kind of man," one of the children later reported, "four feet tall, dressed in a black sack... His head was hairy, and he had big eyes. He said things to us that we couldn't understand, and we ran away. When we stopped and looked back, the machine was going up into the sky very fast."

Apparently, this wasn't the only visit to France this "hairy dwarf" was to make. Just five days later, he was encountered by a French miner. He described the humanoid as having a squat, furry body with quite large, protruding eyes that slanted, a flat nose and thick lips. It was wearing a skull cap.

Similar-looking creatures have been reported over the years in conjunction with other UFO sightings.

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