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The Web's Best Ghost Photos

Dateline: 10/05/98

It's October -- Halloween  month! So join us here all month long for some ghoulish Halloween treats -- and perhaps a trick or two!

PumpkinThis week, let's take a look at some of the best ghost photographs to be found on the Web. There are dozens of sites that purport to show ghosts caught on film, but most of them are just odd glowing orbs, strange swirls of light, and the inevitable camera strap that got in the way of the lens. Not too convincing.

BUT... There are those few photographs that, while not being definitive proof of ghostly apparitions, are good enough to make you stop, study them... and wonder. Take a look!

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GHOST GALLERY has posted some of the best and most famous ghost photos ever taken, including...
The Brown Lady at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. You can clearly see the shape of the woman figure as she descends or ascends the stairway.
This Ghostly Spectre was taken by Rev. Kenneth Lord at Newby Church in Yorkshire, England in 1963. From what I understand, it has been examined by photo experts who have determined it was not a double exposure or trick photography.
Ghost Ascending a Staircase was photographed with an inexpensive camera by Rev. R.W. Handy at Queen's House in Greenwich, London. Kodak has tested this photograph, and cannot explain the ghostly figure.
Ghost in the Chair - Look closely at the chair in this photo and you'll see a ghost sitting in it, most notably its arm on the armrest. Sybil Corbet took the photo of the interior in Combermere Abbey in Cheshire, England.
Sailors' Ghosts - This photo was take off the stern of the S.S. Watertown and seems to show two faces in its wake. As the story goes, the faces are those of two seamen who died in an accident and were buried at sea.

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THE GHOST RESEARCH SOCIETY has a growing selection of ghost photos, some better than others. Here are some of the best...
Faces in the Window - This could be just a tricky reflection of light, but it is eerie nevertheless.
Girl on the Gravestone - This photograph, taken by Mari Huff in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in 1991, shows a young woman sitting on a tombstone with parts of her lower and upper body being semi-transparent. The dress she is wearing is also out-of-date.
Monks in Hull House - This is a black and white infrared picture taken by Dale Kaczmarek in 1980 at Hull House in downtown Chicago -- the most haunted house in Chicago. It appears to show four shadowy monk-like figures.
Confederate Ghost - Look closely at the upper right-hand corner of this photo taken by a tourist visiting the Confederate cemetery near Carnton Mansion in Franklin, Tenn. Do you see a Confederate soldier?

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THE PARANORMAL PROJECT has a few good photos, some of which are the same as the ones at Ghost Gallery. But this one Ghost Gallery does not have...
Glowing pumpkin Wern Town Hall Ghost - Amateur photographer Tony O'Rahilly took this photograph of the town hall at Wem, Shropshire, England as it burned down in November, 1995. Some have suggested that the figure in the doorway is the ghost of Jane Churm, who started a fire in 1677 that leveled the entire town.

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RICHARD SENATE'S GHOSTLY GALLERY features several interesting photos, including...
Ghost in Room 307 - Taken in 1986 at the Glen Tavern Inn in Santa Paula, Calif., this photo was produced using infrared film. The photographer and witnesses declare the room was empty at the time.

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THE GHOST WEB offers more than 3,000 ghost photographs, but some of their most recent are also some of their best...
Lady in Blue - This human-like apparition in period clothing was taken Rev. Sharon Gill on August 29, 1998 in the old portion of the Woodbine Cemetery, Rainier, Ore.
Apparition of a Woman - This could be a double exposure, but note how part of the woman is obscured by the bed post while part of her is transparent!

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ART BELL has posted this really spooky photo -- one of the spookiest I've ever seen -- on his Web site...
Art's Studio Demons - The original photo, upper left, was taken by Art's studio cam during a conversation with "Harlot the Witch" and showed an anomalous cloud around Art's head. When Art asked listeners to try to computer- enhance the image, this is what became visible. Very eerie. Note the lettering that the enhancer sees as spelling "ARKT," but I think it's a partial spelling of "HARLOT"! Yikes!

Images courtesy: Spooky's Halloween Crypt


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