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Christmas Mist

from Richard VanOordt - On the 29th of Dec. 2003, I was taking a picture of our front porch. The weird part of this is that the mist did not show up the first time we looked at the pictures. It was only recently noticed by our 8-year-old son, who in turn showed us the picture with the mist in it! The camera used was a Sony 4.0 Mega Pixels Cybershot. Just a quick note: We have had lamps turn on by themselves in our bedroom, and the bedroom door and bathroom door would either be open (when suppose to be closed) or they're closed (when supposed to be open). We were joking around about the light turning on and off and would yell, "Knock it off!," then the lights would stop for a couple of weeks and start all over again. Our dog would stare at our bedroom closet for the longest time and not move. To the right of that picture (not seen in the picture) happens to be our bedroom window. Weird!

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