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EVP Gallery - Page 9
A selection of EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) from readers and your Guide. If you have an EVP to share, click here.
"Name is Kate"
This recording was made June 2005 at Crocket Cemetery in Old Johnsonville, TN. I used an RCA digital recorder. At the time of the recording, I was standing over an old grave with only a large rock used as a headstone. Some of the graves in this cemetery date back to pre Civil War. I can clearly hear "Name is Kate..." on the recording. The rest I'm not sure.
- Dwayne



1. "Let me go" and "Hope you die"
Some people, for an unknown reason, get lots of EVPs. Linda Gray is one of them. In this recording, she captures two different voices. First a woman says, "Let me go." Then a more sinister male voice says, "Hope you die."

2. "Please let us out"



1. "Walk to the right"
We have been investigating Bloody Bridge for six months now. Two months ago we started to get EVPs. EVP 1 was taken on top of the bridge. He tells us "Walk to the right... the right." The story has it that Minnie Warner and Jack Billings were coming home from a party in 1854 when Bill Jones, with one swipe, cut the head off of Mr. Billing. Ms. Warner screamed and somehow fell off the bridge to her death.

2. "Jones"
After getting this EVP, the next month we went we got another EVP under the bridge of another voice. The other spirit whispers, "Jonesss..." after we ask, "What is your name?" So we decided we needed to find anything in the local history of these people and the event. We did find her grave... her photo with her father. There were people that witnessed her falling and people getting her body got of the Erie canal.
- Lori, WOPS



1. "It's a greedy thing, man. Ohhhhhh!"
2. Hey, kids, what's goin' on. Get some crack"

I made these recordings at an investigation in Des Moines, Iowa. These EVPs came from a six-minute recording taken back in January 23, 2005. They are from the basement of a former crack home. The EVPs came from investigations DIEPART has conducted. None of these files have been filtered or altered in anyway. They are the raw files, cut and ripped from the original master files. DIEPART was asked to conduct a quick examination of a local older home built in the early 1920s. This was to be just an ordinary, quick, one-hour, come-in-and-see-if-you-find-anything-at-all inspection of sorts. The owner of the house said she wanted the team to come in and examine the home to prove to her kids nothing funny was going on so she could dispel some weird things which had been going on in the house lately. Things were happening like creaking doors, and the kids allegedly hearing a strange music box sound coming from the walls upstairs, and of course the boys also were hearing whispers that they couldn't make out what was being whispered all the time. This mother just wanted things to return back to normal and wanted some verification here. So DIEPART was called in to check it out! This house in Des Moines, Iowa has a sordid history and was reported as being raided by the police shortly before the current owner bought the home. It is also common knowledge that this home was a well known hangout for some criminal elements in the past. Currently, the owners are living in the home and have been there since the fall of 2004.
- Joe Leto, Founder, DIEPART, Des Moines, Iowa


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