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The Latest Paranormal Links
New and interesting links I've found in the last few weeks. Bookmark this page and return often.

Earth Mysteries [ more ]

Crop circles: A product of the collective consciousness, a calling card from ET or something else? (added 3/7)
Crop circles are mysterious phenomena that practically everyone in the western world has become familiar with over the last thirty years, stimulating our imagination, our curiosity and our desire to find the truth as to their origins.

Ghosts/Hauntings [ more ]

Paris Catacombs Webcam (added 3/30)
The dark labyrinth of catacombs beneath the streets of Paris are rich in history, and also one of the spookiest places in Europe. This webcam gives you a chance to spot a ghost down there.

Quetzal Internet Cafe Ghost Cam (added 3/8)
Mid South Ghost Hunters have set up a streaming web cam at the Quetzal Internet Cafe in Memphis, Tennessee, where employees have witnessed apparition sightings, voices and banging noises.

The Technique of a Séance (added 3/2)
To those who are unfamiliar with the procedure of an ordinary séance with a medium it might be interesting to give an account of what might be usually expected to happen.

Traces from Beyond (added 3/8)
A curious collection of strange encounters and unusual communications with the Great Beyond. The whole purpose of this website is to show everybody just how normal the paranormal really is.

World War II Paranormal Organization (added 4/6)
Can spirits become attached to objects, causing unexplained events to occur around them? This website looks at various WWII-era objects and considers the phenomena reported associated with them.

Human Mysteries [ more ]

Paranormal Happenings During Pregnancy (added 3/15)
Psychologists have only begun to explore the unconscious links between the expectant mother and the child within her womb. And medical researchers are coming to accept a mother’s claims of sensing her baby in utero.

Life After Death / Reincarnation [ more ]

The Reincarnation FAQ (added 3/22)
Created to provide answers for the many common questions people have about reincarnation and also to give as wide a background to the subject as possible in terms of scientific, religious and mystical exploration.

What Could Life Beyond Death Be Like? (added 3/18)
Some anti-suvivalists have given the impression that no significant information about the life beyond death has been given through mediums. But the literature indicates otherwise, this article says.

Lost Worlds and Mysterious Civilizations [ more ]

The Blue Stones of Atlantis (added 3/2)
E.A. led the Anunnaki in search of the “blue stones that cause ill,” meaning illumination, luminescence, enlightenment. He found them at a place called Arili (Ireland?).

Mad Scientists & Weird Science [ more ]

Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy (added 3/2)
In 1940 Reich built the first Orgone Accumulators, which were boxes that could concentrate Orgone energy in the atmosphere. He claimed that they had astonishing effects.

Mystics, Prophets & Prophecies [ more ]

Dr. Louis Turi Predictions (added 3/22)
Turi is one of the few psychics out there who has the guts to document his predictions, and he does so on his website. You can read his latest predictions and see how well he did on previous predictions.

Ouija Board / Divination [ more ]

Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up To Play With Ouija Boards (added 4/1)
Brad Steiger tells the story of 17-year-old Jolene K, a passionate student of the paranormal and the occult, who experimented with the Ouija board. Unfortunately, she had neglected to assume a prayerful attitude to guard against malignant influences.

Paranormal Basics [ more ]

Sub Rosa (added 3/14)
"Where science and magic, myth and history meet." This magazine, in PDF form, is available online for free. You can click and access related video content. Likewise, if you see a headphone icon, you can click to hear the audio.

A Walk to the Otherside (added 4/8)
Author Carla Wills-Brandon, Ph.D. hosts this radio program, the theme of which is: Physical death is defiantly not the end. She discusses after-death communications, deathbed visions and more.

Planetary and Lunar Anomalies [ more ]

Alien Bases: The Mystery of the Moon (added 4/1)
There are dozens of anomalous facts concerning the moon that science is at a loss to explain, not least of which is how it is that according to the analysis of moon rocks, the moon, is at least a billion years older than the Earth itself.

Psychic Phenomena [ more ]

A New Interpretation of Psi Phenomena (added 3/25)
In animal species, this article says, the psi-factor is to be found in instinctive processes subserving reproduction. In man, too, there is a close connection between psychical and sexual activity.

Time-Dimension Travel [ more ]

The U.S. Government and Dimensional Portals (added 3/30)
An ex-NSA consultant, who allegedly has been reliable in the past, says that government scientists working at Los Alamos "Nuclear" Laboratory, NM have succeeded in generating a holographic portal.

Weird Creatures and Monsters [ more ]

How Many Pterodactyls Did You Kill In the War, Daddy? (added 3/14)
The photograph in this article was squeezed between the pages of a '70s paranormal book found at a thrift store. Did a group of civil war soldiers kill (or find) what appears to be a pterodactyl?

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