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Paranormal Gallery

Do you have a strange photo,
sound or video to share?

The Paranormal Gallery is more than just photographs. We want it to be a gallery of a whole host of unexplained weirdness. Send me your:

  • photographs containing unexplained or unusual features - ghosts, apparitions, strange mists, orbs, or anything else weird or interesting

  • videos of the same (these would be really cool to feature)

  • sounds - sounds of unknown creatures, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), etc.

  • art with a paranormal theme

You can send me the photo, video or sound files electronically via e-mail. Or you can mail me the hardcopy photo, original videotape (any format) or audiotape - I will scan, capture or transfer the images or sounds and return the original material to you. To receive my mailing address, write to me and tell me you want to send an original photo, videotape or audiotape and I will send you my address.

Be aware that if you send me something, I will very likely use it on the website, so don't send me something you don't want to appear on the Internet. On the other hand, I cannot guarantee that I will use everything that people send me.

So what are you waiting for? Send me your gallery contribution.

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