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Paranormal Story Archives
April 2002
Page 15

Bubble of Protection
by Carl & Karen

Just outside of LaGrande, Oregon there is a historical site known as the Hot Lake. It has a condemned hotel surrounded by mineral hot springs. It was a sacred healing place used by the ancient native people. At the turn of the century it was a popular destination for the wealthy who wanted to take advantage of the therapeutic mineral springs. Now it is known as the haunted Hot Lake Hotel. I have heard lots of stories and it was even featured on TV as one of the "scariest places on Earth." My grown children like to sneak in occasionally for a good scare. They hear eerie things like a piano playing, voices and bumping. It is easy to get lost in the three-story structure because after investigating a room they return to the hall and find it has changed in appearance. Although its reputation is bad the Hot Lake has another side. I had an experience in Jan. of 1991 which caused me to believe in the good spirits there. 

I was driving alone into LaGrande early one morning and hit black ice as I passed the hotel and mineral springs. When I realized I had lost control of my car, all I could do was pray and shut my eyes tight as my car flew over the embankment. Time stopped for me until the car smashed so hard on the ground it broke the axles leaving the tires side ways under the car. When I opened my eyes I was sitting on my knees, hugging the passengers seat, facing the back of the car. (I had not been wearing my seatbelt.) I saw the window and door next to me were intact as I got out the passengers side. Dazed, I searched for my books and wondered how I would get to the college in time for class. A woman who had been following me and had seen the crash ran up to check if I was alright. She described how the car had flown through the air then rolled end over end several times. She couldn't believe I was not hurt. I turned around and took a long look at my car and was chilled to the bone. I saw every thing that could come loose from under the hood or out of the trunk scattered all around. The drivers seat was pressed against the steering wheel and the top of the car was smashed down on top of the seat. All of the windows were shattered and the entire car was totaled except for the small area surrounding the place where I was sitting. I don't remember what happened, and had my eyes closed, but I believe I was inside a bubble of protection with an angel, or a few, holding me in the seat and keeping me safe.

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