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Paranormal Story Archives
April 2002
Page 29

Haunted Tales from Portugal
by Dalia

When my mother was a child, she used to live on a farm back in the Azores (Portugal). They didn't have electricity at first, and used oil lamps. Of course, at night it would be considerable gloomy. During dinner one night, there was a strange sound heard from outside. Everyone heard it, there was maybe 10-12 people at the dinner table. They say it sounded like someone wailing, it was a horrible sound. Finally, my aunt got the courage to go outside and check it out. It was pitch dark out. The sound stopped and she came back in. What she saw was a white, glowing thing, which disappeared after a few seconds.

Same house, a few years later. There are a lot of pine trees surrounding the house. One night, there was a loud sound my mother says sounded like a helicopter, except much louder. The family got frightened and they all went outside to see what it was. Behind the trees was what look like a large, glowing ball, maybe 4 feet in diameter. it was hovering behind the trees. All of a sudden it shot up into the sky and was never seen again.

This happened when I was about two years old. I had my own room and i slept in a crib. My mother says the room was always unusually colder than the other rooms. One night I began to cry and my mom came to check up on me, but the door was stuck. Finally she got it open and came in. I wouldn't stop crying and she asked me, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" I just told her, "The lady... the lady was standing here, and she touched me." My mother just froze. She had heard before, at night, this weeping coming from somewhere in the house that sounded like a woman.

My great grandfather from my father's side was a very powerful man. He built his house from scratch without much help from anyone else. It's a grand house located in Portugal. He used to lend money to people in the village, and when he passed, some people still owed him some money. One night, the grandson of a man who owed my great grandfather money came into his kitchen for a snack. He heard a voice from somewhere saying, "You should pay my grandchildren the money your father owed me." Nobody lives in my grandfather's house to this day. They believe he's still there. The people who have tried to reside there have seen a man in the hallways and heard strange things.

Another strange thing happened to my father near that house, but has nothing to do with ghosts. There is a well near the house that is said to also be haunted by a little boy. My father, being the skeptic that he is, wanted to go check it out. What he saw there was no little boy. He saw a glowing, flat circular object maybe six feet in diameter. A few seconds later, it disappeared into the sky. He says the grass in that spot was burnt and no grass has grown there since.

When my mother was a teen, she got very ill. She was in a bed for months. One day, she claims, the bed began to shake. She was really frightened until she heard a voice say, "Don't be afraid. You are going to be just fine. I will protect you." Then a woman's voice said, "We are always here for you." Until this day, she believes that it was Jesus and Mary speaking to her because there was a painting of them hanging over the bed.

One story from my best friend always perplexed me. When she was young, she took a trip to Costa Rica to visit her family. When she was at her grandmother's house, they heard a knock on her front door. When they went to answer it, there was no one there, but there was this one particular tree outside swaying violently. There was no wind, and the other trees where perfectly still. They shut the door, and there came a knock again. This time they dismissed it. There was another loud knock and the door opened by itself. The one tree was still swaying and there was wind coming into the house. Everyone was extremely frightened until the grandmother yelled out, "STOP!" and everything stood still. I don't know what to make of this story.

As for me, I have experience many small happenings: my name being called out when no one is home, things touching me, things sitting on my bed at night. Once when I was reading in the hallway (I was sitting there on the floor leaning on the wall reading; I like to read in my hallway), I noticed this small glowing orb coming up my stairs. I looked at it, watching it sway from side to side and get closer to me. Then really quickly it went into the wall, inches from my head. Last time I ever read in my hallway. I also remember years back, I was maybe 12, and I was sleeping in my parents' bed because I had been afraid of something. I woke up, or I thought I had woken up, but I couldn't move. About two feet away from my face was this magnificent glowing orb. It was beautiful. I tried not to get too scared because I couldn't move and I might start to panic. After I just shut my eyes and went back to sleep.

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