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Your True Tales
April 2003
Page 5

Ouija Prediction
by bee

In 1997, my mother and I were playing around with the Ouija board, and it kept spelling out the name RANDY. I was married to a man named Jim at the time. The board kept telling us that I would meet my soul mate, his name would be Randy and he would be from the state of Maryland. I thought at first that my mother was stopping it on certain letters, so I asked her to take her hands off the board and let me use it alone. It still kept spelling out the name Randy and telling me we would soon be together. I took my hands off the board and laughed. I had just finished up a round of chemo; I was bald and sick, not to mention married to someone else. Who in their right mind would believe this or even want me in this condition, I told my mother. We put the board away and thought no more about it. 

Three months later, I was separated from my husband and decided to go horseback riding with my mother. Her best friends of eight years were with her, and with them their son (I never knew they had). We started talking and I asked him what his name was, he replied, "My name is Randy." Shocked, I said, "Where are you from?" He replied, "Maryland."

I was then totally shocked. I grabbed my mother, took her aside and told her what this man had just said to me, recalling the Ouija board message a few months earlier. We stood silent for a few moments. That day we met, he somehow overlooked my sickness and fell in love with me. He has never left my side since that day in June of 1997. We are now very happily married and are the very best of friends. He IS my soul mate and the Ouija board couldn't have been more accurate. When people ask us how we met and we tell them this story, some are believers and other are not, but I swear to the good Lord above this is a true story with a very happy ending.

P.S.: I have not picked up the Ouija board since this day.

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