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Your True Tales
April 2004
Page 23

Saved from Madrid Terrorist Attack
by Alexandra Roncevic

I live in Madrid, Spain. On the day of the terror attack in Madrid the 11th of March, I felt very unusual things. Normally, I wake up at six in the morning to get to Coslada to work (near EL POZO ). The night before, I had a dream which showed me the whole scenario that would happen on the 11th. A voice told me: "Don't sit in the second or third wagon. Your time is not finished on Earth."

The next morning, I remembered everything from my dream. Normally, I don't remember any dream! So at seven I took the train and was approaching EL Pozo, and suddenly two explosions I heard and felt. I saw only smoke fire and dead bodies. I said to all others in shock to abandon the train. When I came out, I saw the all dead and the destroyed train. Fact was that the 2nd and 3rd wagon were destroyed and 67 were dead. I was sitting in the first wagon and nothing happened to me. I think somebody guarded me - maybe God gave me the spirit to live on.

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