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Your True Tales
April 2005
Page 11

Ghost Runner
by Marie

This event occurred during the fall of 1989 in southern Missouri (Ozarks). I was 12 at the time and my brother was 9. My family and I were headed to Branson for our annual vacation. For some reason, my parents always insisted on taking these back country roads instead of the highway. One of these roads ran along a very old cemetery. I've always believed in paranormal activities and have premonitions every once in a while.

We were in a mini-van. I was in the middle seat and my brother was in the back seat. While passing the cemetery (it was on the left), I saw a gray figure of a man running on the right side of the car (the opposite direction from which the car was traveling). He was wearing a runner's uniform (like track runners wear) and had a number pinned to his chest (as if he was running in a race). He looked like a figure from an old black and white television -- he was gray and almost static-y looking. As he ran past my window, I looked out of the back and he was gone. My brother said, "Did you see that?" I said, "What did you see?" He said, "A gray man running next to the car, but he's gone now."

To this day, our parents think we are crazy, but we know differently!

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