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Paranormal Story Archives
August 2002
Page 4

Missing Time
by Steve S.

Twenty years ago, my wife, my son, my nine-year-old stepdaughter and I were returning from a vacation to the Ozarks, where my family lives and I was born, to Texas. I liked to travel at night to avoid traffic in the large cities. I had to travel through Dallas and Houston, and we had been traveling for some time. Suddenly, at the same time, my wife and I looked at each other and then at the clock on my dashboard. Several hours had elapsed since we had last noticed the time and we had no idea where we were. We were on a county road several miles from the interstate we had been traveling on. We were so shook up that we pulled into a truck stop, the only place available for miles. We pulled right up the the window and sat and drank coffee for a while, not one word was spoken between us. When we got back into the car, she told me she didn't know what had happened and did not want to know. Had we both fallen asleep and driven for around 150 miles? Did we both have the same question concerning the time? Why was she so worried?

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