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Your True Tales
August 2005
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Hooded Something
by Angela

Being a huge believer in the paranormal, I am disappointed that I have only witnessed one event in my life. It happened when I was nine and I am not the only one who witnessed it; several of my friends saw the exact same thing I saw.

During elementary school I attended a private Christian school, so what happened was never discussed among the teachers and staff. I guess they wanted us to forget about it. One day during recess, my friends and I were playing football on the field behind the school, and as I was heading back to the building to get a drink of water, I heard my friends and our coach screaming out, “Hey, Freak!” I turned around and saw one of the boys throwing a rock at what I assumed was a man wearing a black-hooded overcoat. You may not understand why a man wearing a hooded overcoat would be called a freak, but I live in Texas and it was like 90 something degrees outside that day.

He was walking across the field away from us, so none of us saw exactly what he looked like, but as he turned around to sneer at the boy who had thrown the rock, I saw the outline of horns on his head under the hood. And as I continued to study him, I saw that his legs weren’t human legs! One leg was that of a goat and one was a chicken’s leg. It seems that I was not the only one who noticed these things at that time, because just as my mind was registering what I had seen, a girl 15 feet away from me screamed. While everyone was looking in the girl's direction, the creature changed. I say this because when we turned our attention back to it, it was no longer there. The only thing we saw was a black bird flying away from the exact same spot where it had been standing.

The whole thing lasted probably 30 seconds at the most. After the bird had left, our coach sent us inside for the day and he never spoke of it again. My best friend and I spoke to some other students about what they had seen and they said they saw the same thing. I have since lost contact with them, so I’m not sure if they remember. One thing I know for sure is that thing that we saw in the field was not human and it was not normal, but it was real.

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