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Your True Tales
August 2006
- Page 29

Haunted Childhood Home
by Ron

My story is of living in a huanted house as a child. Actually I was 14 years old and we moved frequently due to my stepfather's job. We lived and traveled the Southeastern region of the United States and lived in many cities and states from 1964 to 1977 until I graduated from high school and moved out. As fate would have it, we moved to Anniston, Alabama in the summer of 1974. As usual we rented a house and moved all our belongings with a U-Haul.

This move was no different from all of the others until strange things started happening around the house. It was really unusual because there was an intelligence behind the occurrences due to the fact that it would only make itself known to one family member at a time. This was not known until later when all of the pieces came together. Something would happen to one of us and we were left to think that maybe we only imagined it. The members of my family at that time were my mother, stepdad myself and my older sister who was pregnant at the time. My sister's husband was in the Army and was due to get out soon and come live with us.

One of the things that happened to me was one day during the summer, my father was at work and my sister and mom were gone shopping and there was no one home. I had been out riding my bicycle and came in through the back door which led into the kitchen. I came in and got some water and I realized I needed to use the bathroom. As I left the kitchen to go to the back of the house I had to go through the dining room. As I walked through the room, there was a heavy layer of smoke that I could see visibly and it had the strong odor of cigars. Not really thinking anything about it I cut right through the smoke and went to relieve myself. As I stood there I began to wonder why I would see and smell cigar smoke with no one home. As I finished up still thinking about this, I walked back into the dining room which was totally clear. To my amazement there was no smoke or smell. This is how it approached us all... individually.

Once when I was home alone again, the front door bell would ring over and over. Each time I got a little more annoyed thinking someone was ringing the bell and running; however, this house was built off-grade with a railing fence all around with hedges in the front all around also. There was only one way up and down to the doorbell and that was up the front steps. As I got angrier at this playfulness I decided to stand next to the door and open it immediately to catch the prankster with the doorknob turned in hand ready to open. As it rang for the tenth time I quickly snatched it open as the second chime rang out with no one there. This put chills on me and once I was frightened the ringing stopped.

My sister unfortunately had one of the most terrifying experiences in the house. She slept in the back room next to my parents room and I was in a makeshift den in the middle of the house. I was awakened one night by my sister's screams only to sit up in bed as she came running through my room and out the back door. She was followed by my dad and eventually me. My dad had to chase her down the street and when he caught up with her she was hysterical and refused to come back into the house. She stated that she was sleeping and was awakened by the sound of her perfume bottles tinkling on the dresser. As she stirred and looked to see what was making the noise she noticed that the bed was floating three feet off the floor with her in it! This is when she screamed and ran.

This is also when we all started to realize something strange was happening to us all. My mother called the police out to the house one evening because she said there was a man in a suit sitting up in the tree beside the house and was peering in at her through the kitchen window. When they arrived they found no one outside. My brother-in-law finally got discharged and moved in with us. He was not there long before he was pushed violently in the kitchen which caused him to spill milk he was pouring. Since only he and myself were awake, he came into the living room where I was watching TV and looked very pale and shaken and asked me if I was just in the kitchen to which I said no. He started to tear up as he told me what had just happened. He said he turned around expecting to see me there and give me noogies but saw no one which frightened him terribly.

On another occasion my mother was taking a nap which she did often in the late afternoon when she felt a presence in her room. It was dusk with a small amount of light still peeking in and she saw a figure of a man at the foot of her bed which she thought was my dad home from work. She said, "Fred is that you?" to which the ghost in a suit replied, "I love my Mary." Once again, the police were summoned to clear the house and once again they found nothing. My mother decided to call the company we had rented the house through to try and get some information on the history of the house. She found out that the original owners had both died in the house. The man always dressed in a brown suit and smoked cigars and his wife's name was Rosemary... but he called her Mary!

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