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Your True Tales
August 2007
- Page 10

Time Slip on Holiday
by Anonymous

It was summer, 2003 and we were holidaying at a caravan site in Wales. We had been down to the village to get shopping in for the week and we were walking down the isolated lane carrying heavy bags, stopping every now and then to take photos. Just before we took a final photo near some castle walls (the castle was now apparently converted into a hotel) we noticed a frog and then we went under the castleway arch and carried on. There was a dried-up pond close by and we commented that the frog was a long, long way from water. We seemed to be walking for ages and it was hot. The path was long and uphill, much further and more hilly than either of us remembered.

Finally, we saw ahead of us a woman walking with a sheepdog, turning onto a farm road (the first turning, incidentally, that we had come across) and we caught up with her to ask the way to our caravan site. She was astounded that we could have missed it and said we would have walked right past it and to turn back. (Just a note here, as the woman was giving us directions, a jogger ran past in the lane and glanced our way.)

Anyway, we walked back - and came to the caravan site, just by the archway as we'd originally remembered, complete with its usual ornamental pond, filled with water. There had been no caravan site when we walked past earlier, nothing but a dried-up pond. When we did the same walk a couple of times afterwards, the lane wasn't as long or hilly.

We often wonder if we maybe somehow went either forward or backward in time. And what of the jogger? He would have been running right behind us so did he see anything? I guess we'll never know what happened that day.

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