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Your True Tales
August 2008
- Page 28

Mother-in-Law's Ghost
by Nicole C.

In June, 2006 my mother-in-law passed away after a long battle with cancer. In May of that same year, my husband went to visit his mom (at her home in another state) by himself. We had had an argument, so I stayed behind with our daughter. About three weeks later we got a call that his mother wasn't doing well and we better get there quick. We arrived in the late evening and decided to stay the night at his sister's and drive to his mom's the next day. We got a call at 5 a.m. that morning that she had passed away. I had tremendous guilt that I let an argument with my husband the month before prevent my mother-in-law from seeing our 2-year-old daughter before her death. She passed away on a Tuesday.

After making funeral arrangements, we drove home the following day because we were not prepared for attending a funeral or for being there for several days. We spent Wednesday night in our own home and own bed before returning for the funeral, and that night my husband and I both had a very comforting experience with his mother. While I was sleeping, I felt an overwhelming sense of love, comfort, forgiveness, and the absolute knowledge that my mother-in-law was here. I felt a cool breeze across my shoulder and a flutter of a wing across my shoulder very gently.

I awoke the next morning knowing that she was here and she forgave me for not coming to visit in May and bringing our daughter to see her. I woke up knowing she will always see my daughter and everything was ok. I told my husband what had happened the next morning (he is a huge skeptic). He told me he woke up about 3 a.m., which is around the same time I looked at the clock, and told me he saw his mother standing at the end of the bed looking healthy and happy. She told him she just wanted to see where we lived. She had been too sick to travel to see us.

After seeing his mother, although devastated by her death, he knew in his heart that she was ok and wasn't in pain anymore. It was a comfort that our family needed. Other family members had similar experiences with my mother-in-law that same night and actually for several months to come. She was very fond of hummingbirds, but we don't see too many where we live. In the two years since her death we have seen several hummingbirds who have centered themselves very closely to my husband. It makes him feel at ease, because he knows his mother is still watching over him.

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