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Paranormal Story Archives
December 2001
– Page 7

The Devil's Dealings
by Mindy H.

I would like to preface this story by saying that I am ashamed of much of my behavior in it. Almost 15 years ago, I had back surgery that left my right outer leg in pain and without the use of some muscles. I dealt with this badly. My boyfriend at the time, Dave, was not one to keep a job, but was sure good at conning people. I don't remember how it started, but we had a bunch of steel that we took to the local scrap yard. We received less than $5 for the metal. Another truck pulled up and got on the scale. He walked out with a bundle of money. He brought in aluminum.

This was the start of over a year of evil and cruel doings for Dave and I. We decided we would scrap aluminum. Dave wasn't from the area and I had only been there three years, so this gave us a wonderful opportunity to travel the back roads. Dave had no sense of direction; he could pull in a gas station, fill up the tank and drive out the way we pulled in. I took on the job of map reader and gave the directions. We found some aluminum locally in exchange for cleaning out a car repair shop's junk. The garbage went to the dump and the good metal, such as radiators went to the scrap yard for cash. We didn't make a lot this way. I was still having a lot of pain and, as I said, I behaved badly during this time.

I wanted to use the money on drugs and turned Dave on to cocaine, a regret which I will carry to my grave. Dave loved the stuff. We started making longer trips, leaving home for three or four days at a time. It seemed like wherever I said to go, we found a good pile of aluminum. Then I had the brilliant idea that we should live in the truck. We weren't ever home, so why pay the rent? The first evening we had our dinner in the cover of a car wash, for it was pouring rain. Don't trust my brilliant ideas. I continued to find many spots that required us to wait until nightfall to load up the truck. I found a field filled with transmission casings that are heavy cast aluminum. We would come back home and find our connection and get a motel and stay until everything was gone.

This went on for a long time. We eventually went cross-country on this scheme of ours. Near the other coast, I found a huge haul. I never had much to do with loading up the truck since I broke my nose loading a truck's aluminum gas tank. It slipped and landed on my nose, so I remained the finder/direction person. On occasion I would back the truck up making sure our brake lights were out. This was not my favorite thing to do. I would get too nervous. At one point we picked up a guy to help us. He stole our truck while we relieved ourselves behind a store dumpster. He went to the only gas station in town where we had credit and filled the tank. He looked like Dave from a distance so a warrant was put out on Dave. Things weren't as rosy as they started out.

There are many more story to tell, like how we hooked up with a homeless one-legged man who had a car. We used his car to "work" until we realized he was peeing in his pants. We hustled to get another truck, for it was a hot summer and there is nothing wrong with my sniffer. After the huge haul on the other coast, I had enough. Things were getting so stressful. While Dave and another fellow went to do the big haul, I just walked away. I wanted to die. I took a bunch of anti-depressants and ended up in a straitjacket in the hospital. The nurse was hollering at me to shut up and I told her that my mom said one should say be quiet, not shut up. I was out of it. Dave eventually found me and home we went.

We found a little recycling place and stopped there for the night. We had no money for gas to make it all the way home, so we were going to sell them back their own scrap. I was laying in the back of the truck we bought and I realized that the devil had guardians with us. We never got pulled over. We made thousands of dollars just to waste it. And Dave... well, like I said, he could con anyone and I was his victim many times. I said under my breath, "In the name of God, devil get out of our life." Ten minutes later, a state trooper pulled up. Nothing happened except a major change in my thinking. I wanted to go home. I was scared. Every evil thing we did, we did well. The way we were led to piles of transmissions in a field was too strange. Then I tell the devil to leave us alone and it was as if the police car was his way of telling or asking me if I really wanted him out of our life. Yes I did.

I went to my mother's and Dave had warrants in our state so he went his own way. A few days later, I went to bed in mom's extra room that had two single beds with a night table between them. Now here is where people think I dreamt this, but think what you will, for I didn't dream it.

The carpet between the beds opened up to a blazing fire. I was being forced into the fire. I was trying with all my strength to stay above the fire. Then, all of a sudden, I felt a female presence lift me up and lay me on my bed. During those few seconds, I never felt such a peace come over me. I still have never felt that peace again, but I want to so much. I believe that there was a fight for my soul. I think the devil wanted me back, but he lost. I slept on the couch from then on and it has taken me a decade to feel safe in a bed, with my dog there with me. Ever since then, I can't do anything wrong. For example, if I am given $5 extra from a cashier, I will lose $10, almost immediately. Sometimes I will forget and lie or do something wrong and - bam! - I am reminded somehow, and much harder. So at least it keeps me honest and very careful of my thoughts and actions. This is the only strange experience I have had and it was powerful and probably saved my life.

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