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Paranormal Story Archives
December 2002
Page 3

Psychokinetic Anger
by Cai

I'm 14, and on the outside your average school-girl. I do pretty well in class, get on well with most people, and can just about live with my parents. Six months ago, however, I never thought my life would stay the same.

The first time it happened I was at the home of my best friend, Lucianne, for a slumber-party. It was about 11:00 p.m., and we were lying in bed chatting about – guess what? – boys. Pretty normal thing to do for girls our age. I remember telling her that I had agreed to go out with Todd, a really good-looking boy in the year above. Her exact words in her reply were: "God, Cai! Him? Don’t you know he's going out with Emma Barnett? The ugly two-timer…"

I can still remember the feeling of anger, like my blood was boiling. I hated him so much. I wanted to throw something. It turned out I did. Lucianne adores dogs. She had a china statue of one on her desk. I was looking at it absently, not concentrating, trying not to cry. Suddenly, it lifted into the air, as if gripped by an invisible hand, and flew across the room, smashing against the wall.

Lucianne reacted immediately. She pulled the cover over her head and screamed. I sat stock still, immediately quiet. My eyes were so wide they hurt, physical pain. Her father rushed in, shouting, "Luce! What on earth's happened?" He stopped when he saw me. Lucianne later told me I looked terrible, and my eyes were like someone else's. Her father, with paternal fear, saw the china and rounded on me. It must have looked like I threw it at Lucianne. "Get out," he said in a voice so quiet I could barely hear. I sat still, too shocked to move. "GET OUT!" he repeated and moved toward me.

I ran out of their house as fast as I could. I was crying too hard to remember much, but I do know this: every door opened for me and slammed after me. The lights flickered when I was in a room. Objects flew around in the air violently, in some kind of whirlwind about me. Lucianne later told me the damage was terrible. I was so scared I didn’t notice.

I was halfway home, and freezing cold, when someone grabbed my arm. I turned, half hoping it would be Mr. Holmes, Lucianne's dad, but it wasn't. The face of a teenage boy, about 19, loomed out of the darkness at me. I don't like to think what would have happened. But it didn't. Looking back, it was then I realized what triggered the poltergeist: any powerful emotion. Well, this one was fear. I screamed, and a rock flew from the ground and knocked him out. I ran again.

My parents didn't believe me, called Mr. Holmes to complain, but when they heard his story… I love them, yeah, but they're the kind of people who like to have everything in black and white. They tried. They kept me at home for a month, but the "events" just got steadily worse. I was suspended from school after nearly killing three pupils. I just couldn't control it. In the end, they sent me to my uncle. He was the only one who offered to care for me, and my family couldn't cope.

Uncle Jeremy is great. He explained poltergeists to me, and tried to teach me how to control my emotions. Now I'm a bit better, but I still scare everyone. I changed schools for a new start, but it's still hard. At least no one's been hurt – yet. It's like I don't know who I am anymore. I'm hoping, one day, I'll be able to control my "gift" – but who knows... I'll need all the help I can get.

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