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Paranormal Story Archives
December 2002
Page 16

Shadow Music Lover
by TalaMoon

My sister is a wonderful piano player, and plays everyday for at least an hour in the evening after she gets home from work. The piano is in a room of ours that seems to attract many spirits. It used to be a living room, but it is now the piano room. Anyway, one night she was playing the piano and my father was in the living room watching television. He ended up leaving the room for two reasons: he couldn't hear the television, and second, he kept on feeling someone blowing on the back of his neck. He eventually made his way upstairs while my sister was still practicing her music. She said that she had always had a feeling that someone was listening to her play the piano, so she would keep on playing until she was comfortable enough to get up and move, hoping that whatever was listening to her play was gone. 

That night when my father went upstairs, my sister immediately felt someone behind her, as if they were enjoying the music. She had goosebumps all behind her neck and up and down her back. She was scared that if she stopped, the ghost would do something. While she was playing, she gracefully turned around and saw directly behind her a shadow figure of what seemed to be a man leaning against the wall, just listening to her bang away at the keys. She said that she didn't feel frightened anymore because at least she was able to see that something or someone was enjoying the music that she was producing. Every now and then, we'll see the black figure in the corner of our eyes. Sometimes it can be a little unsettling, but most of the time, the figure is just thought to be a part of the family.

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