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Your True Tales
December 2003
Page 6

Many Ghosts
by Hcachetes

My mother's house is haunted by, I believe, several ghosts and I had several experiences with them which I rarely discuss because they still scare me today. I was about 15 when we moved in and the house needed a lot of work. We finally got it livable again, and after that things would always happen when I was home alone. My bedroom closet would stay a constant temperature of around 45 degrees, and the closet door wouldn't stay shut, so I eventually put a bell on it, but about two days after that, the clapper on the inside of it disappeared. If I was on the phone, I could hear someone pick up, and nobody could have because I had my own line and it was only in my bedroom. I would see people walking toward me, wake up and hear a room full of people. I constantly had nightmares that quit when I moved out.

The scariest part was when I felt someone get into bed with me one night and when I squeezed my eyes open a little bit, there was no one there, but I could still feel the bed pushed down, and so I didn't move all night. Sometimes it would get so bad I would sit outside all day because I would feel somebody watching me.

We also lived in a house where there were several ghosts - an old lady who cleaned up after me if I got up in the middle of the night. She would make my bed. Another one who played with the electronics because the TV would go through every channel, even when you reset it and would turn it off, change the radio stations or turn up the radio. I could tell him to put it back and he would.

Then there was the one who was mean - he would open and slam doors, show himself (horrible black thing), lock doors from the inside and touch you. We recorded it one night. It had a deep, growly sound to it and told us to leave it alone... and we tried to do just that.

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