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Your True Tales
December 2003
Page 35

Hotel Ghost in Savannah
by Mark d'E.

What I'm about to tell you is absolutely true. The last night there I was sleeping in one king sized bed with my wife, and the kids were in the other king sized bed. I'm next to the window and so if I'm on my side and look straight ahead I can see all three. On my side of the bed is a small space and then the window. It's the middle of the night, about 3 a.m. At the foot of our bed is the typical small desk that the hotel has. The first thing I noticed was that the bathroom door was wide open. That was odd, I thought. The bathroom in this hotel room is a room that had been constructed diagonally across the corner of the room. The shower itself is a triangular shaped thing. By virtue of the door being open in the night there was this big black square shape of the darkened inner room of the bath.

Then suddenly I heard clearly distinctly and loudly the pronounced sigh of a feminine voice. From right BEHIND me. Inches really. It was so clear, loud and distinct, that I startled and pushed myself up in the bed and turned all the way around at which point all I can see is the window and nothing else. For a minute I considered this. Lay back down and a few seconds later, there it is again. The clear loud and distinct sound of a woman sighing. My wife, mind you, is sound asleep and right immediately in front of me. This is coming from behind me at the foot of my bed.

This time I get out of bed, go over to my sons and they too are sound asleep, sleeping like rocks. Just as I am getting back into the bed slipping under the covers, there it is yet again. By this time my heart was sort of bomping, and I must have stayed awake for some time. It didn't happen again, but I closed the bathroom door because the big square of darkness within, considering the circumstances, warranted it.

The next morning, I awoke and the door was open again. But I still wasn't freaked or anything. I had almost forgotten it. As I went down to the desk to check out, I noticed the ghost tours adverts and casually asked the lady at the front desk thinking about how many there seemed to be, "What's the scoop on the ghost tours here?" She immediately got slightly nervous and said, "We have three."

I said, "You mean over by Reliance Square?" meaning the park where I saw them conducting one. "No, she said, in the hotel. We have a soldier, a cat and a little girl." I got the biggest case of chills right smack on the spot. She continued, "A customer came down just this morning and complained about all the furniture we were moving in the room above him, but I had to tell him there is no room above him - just our storage room that no one except repair men go into."

Then it just hit me big time. What I heard was clearly a feminine sounding sigh but it wasn't the sound of an adult. It was the sound of a little girl. I then told her what happened in my room. She told me that they come in streaks, but I'm not the first person to report that sound or type of occurrence. Then she asked, "Was your bathroom door open when you woke up?" I told her it was. "That's the girl." They hide in the corners.

I don't really believe in ghosts, or didn't until this thing happened. Angels yes, ghosts no. But I can tell you It really happened.

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