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Your True Tales
November 2004
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A Curious Black Spectre
by Doyle

As an engineering geologist, I spent many months of the year out west on various projects, leaving my wife (now my ex-wife) at home in eastern Olathe, Kansas, just south of Kansas City, Missouri. My wife was a solid Kansas farm girl from a strict Lutheran background – sober, practical, not given to dreams or the imagination. So when she related the following incident to me in the late summer of 1983, I knew it was no joke.

We had just built a new home on the southern outskirts of Olathe near the Naval Air Station. It was beautiful rural countryside: fields, wooded streams, very rustic. The land the house was built on was "virgin" in that it had never known buildings or structures of any kind, just agricultural usage – cattle grazing mostly. And the house was a new construction. As such, with no history, it would be expected that no haunts or horrors would be associated with this house or tract of land. And indeed the manifestations I am about to describe, though one was horrific in appearance, did not inspire fear in my wife. They seemed rather benign, according to her.

There were two manifestations. She was alone in the house one early September evening. Full night had fallen. I was out west on a job. Our master bedroom's door opened up to the north on the hallway directly opposite my home office, the door to which was usually kept locked in my absence. She had gone into my office earlier looking for certain paperwork and had left the door unlocked and open and the light on. The master bedroom door too was open.

She said she was headed down the hallway when she stopped, feeling a slight chill in the air. Almost immediately she observed a wispy white shape, that of a woman in flowing white apparel, drift from my office into the master bedroom. This apparition seemed to look briefly at her as it passed by. My wife felt no fear or even agitation, as one would expect seeing such a thing, just a slight coolness in the air.

But then "something" else then made its appearance – the second manifestation – from the master bedroom into which the wispy woman in white had disappeared emerged a very solid and very ghastly apparition. This thing was a slow-moving, black, skeletal form, like some hideously animated charred corpse. It did not drift, but walked slowly into my office, not seeming to be aware of my wife. You would think this "thing" would have terrified her, but she said she felt no unease whatsoever, despite its frightening appearance. In fact, she advanced to the office door and looked in. The light was on, as I said, and this thing was standing at my desk with its back to her, looking down. She said it was reaching out with a boney blackened hand at the papers on my desk, as if it were profoundly interested in those papers.

She stood transfixed as it then slowly turned, as if aware of her presence, to face her. She said it seemed to have remnants of charred clothing clinging to its body. It then looked back at her, its faceless skull devoid of any emotion, malevolent or otherwise. Its eye sockets were black and empty.

Still she felt no fear or unease. She had no thought that it meant her harm or was evil. Then it simply vanished, like a TV screen being snapped off. Everything appeared normal. She, incredibly, went to bed. I would have thought that even a practical no-nonsense person such as she would have been highly unnerved by such apparitions, but she said, if anything, both manifestations seemed to radiate benevolence, even the gruesome skeletal figure. She thought they, especially the skeleton, were merely curious as to our earthly affairs and she had no concern for her safety whatsoever.

After my return home and hearing this tale, I knew she had to have seen something. She simply could not have made up such a story for any reason. Her level of imagination was close to zero! I never experienced anything in that house, but I have no psychic ability, that I know of (of course I didn't think she did either), nor did she ever see anything more.

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