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Your True Tales
December 2006
- Page 10

Disappearing Christmas Present
by Maryanne

We had just moved in to our new house. We had only been here two months and it was Christmas already. I had bought my brother-in-law a Christmas gift and I was showing it to my husband, then I put it back in my closet with the rest of our Christmas shopping - never to see it again.

We have now been here almost one year now and Christmas is just around the corner again and the gift I got for my brother-in-law has never been seen to this day. I have searched every crack of our new house several times, but the Christmas gift is nowhere. This sort of thing has been happening to us for the whole year that we have been here. Stuff disappears and reappears in the strangest places, only to have something else vanish instead.

When I am in the downstairs laundry room, I can hear movement upstairs when I know that there is no one up there. I have felt a presence here, and at times it feels like my grandmother, who passed away many years ago. We were very close and I loved her very much. Now I am a grandmother to a wonderful little girl (four years old, the age I was when my grandmother died). I love her very much, and she and I are very close. Could it be that my grandmother is visiting to watch me with my grandchild... and maybe playing tricks on me?

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