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Your True Tales
December 2007
- Page 19

Doppelganger Fooled Mom
by Avalon

I moved to Boise, Idaho in 1993. Shortly after I moved here, people I didn't know would come up and say weird things to me, as if they were finishing an earlier conversation. The first time I remember, a young guy with long dark hair came up to me and said, "I'll see you at Fred's tonight, right?" And he nodded and left even though I didn't do anything but look at him. I thought he had mistaken me for someone else.

Once, I went to the Emmett Cherry Festival a few miles away. I had never been to Emmett before in my life. A lady at one of the stalls started to yell at me that she had told me yesterday to never come back! I told her I hadn't been there yesterday. She got right in my face and asked if I was calling her a liar. My mom was with me and tried to tell her I was in Boise the day before, but she just threatened to call the cops. We hurried away and avoided her the rest of the day.

Then my friends started accusing me of ignoring them. They would ask why I didn't talk to them or why I was rude to them at a place or time I wasn't where they claimed.

Then my mom started. She actually went up and talked to this "me". When she asked the next day why I seemed so out of it and kept looking at her weird at the Coffee Klatch, I was like, "I have never been there." This is my mom! She spoke to this person and still thought it was me!

Finally, I saw this girl. I saw her in 1997, when I was 21, across the 8th Street Marketplace. It is a small area downtown where fountains spray out of the pavement and bands play. I swear she was dressed very similarly to me, in clothes I could easily own, and people claim I dress weird. She had on a black leather jacket nearly identical to my own. She had my height and build. I had waist-length, almost black, super straight hair and so did she. After staring for a minute (while she gave me a very dirty look) I noticed she looked a tiny bit older than I did, or at least I thought so (remember my mom didn't notice this, so maybe it was just my perception). It was like looking into a distorted mirror that showed two to five years into the future.

The absolute only real difference between us is that she was pushing a stroller with a little boy in it. He was blonde, maybe one or a little older with dark blue eyes. He looked nothing like her. I tried to get close enough to talk to her and see who she was but she took off. I called to her to wait but she turned a corner, and when I got there, about three yards behind her, she was nowhere to be seen. I have never seen her again.

The last time a friend saw her was four years ago. Did she move away? Is she a real person who happens to look so much like me my own mom talked to her for almost half an hour without noticing? What's even weirder? In 2003, I had a son. My now ex-husband has black hair. Our oldest son has blonde hair and dark blue eyes and looks nothing like me. But I noticed that in his 18 month baby pictures, he looks almost exactly like the little boy in the stroller pushed by my not-very-friendly double. I wonder if she now has two sons like I do? Where did she go or why does no one mistake us anymore?

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