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Your True Tales
December 2008
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Vietnamese Ghost
by Michal Hanji

I was in Vietnam for a backpacking trip from November 2007 to June 2008 and I was with my fiancé, Chris. I stayed with a lot of family in the south, usually in the countryside. Chris didn't like staying in the country understandably because he was just as scared as I when it comes to the paranormal.

In the Vietnam countryside, there were tombs and gravestones everywhere, usually on the descendant's property. But I chose to ignore it because I felt safer knowing how to speak the language and ask for comfort while Chris, on the other hand, was Syrian and didn't know how to go anywhere on his own.

One night, Chris and I got into a small argument where he stormed out of the gates into the alley that led into the main road. The alley was studded with graves. I called after him, but just heard his angry shuffling. As I turned to go back into the house, I heard him yelling and running back into the yard. I asked him what was wrong after he had pulled me into the house where my aunts took notice of his odd behavior. He just shook his head and refused to elaborate on the topic. We were forewarned when we arrived at my aunt's home that there were a few ghost incidents and that one man in the village disappeared completely. I had ignored those stories because my family was extremely superstitious, especially when it comes to disturbing spirits.

Well, after seeing Chris as distraught as he was, I started to worry a little bit. That night I slept peacefully, but Chris obviously couldn't sleep at all. He told me that he kept hearing whispers near his ears and he couldn't understand any of it. Also, that there was somebody in the room watching him. Blowing off his paranoid behavior, I continued to sleep fitfully. But Chris claimed that the whisperings had increased and the feeling that someone was staring at him was intensifying.

After two months of hearing him complain about this and worrying about his health, which was weakening day by day, I decided to relocate to my cousin's home which was in Saigon. The night before we were to depart to Saigon, Chris and I were walking in from the main road through the alley. I heard crying and saw a small child crouching by a grave. Chris told me to ignore it, but I called out in Vietnamese if he was okay. I was about to go near the small child when he got up and walked toward the opposite property and vanished!

Understandably, I ran all the way to my aunts'. That night I couldn't sleep, but stayed awake with Chris, willing myself not to hear anything or feel as if I was being stared at, but the feeling crept up on me. I wasn't sure if it was because I was scared or because it was really there. When I was about to drift to sleep, a voice breathing in my ear whispered, "Where's my son? I want my son! Where is he?" I was jerked awake and I started screaming.

Needless to say, the next day, Chris and I booked the next flight home. My aunts had no explanations except that there was probably over three hundred graves and deaths in that general area. Chris and I had discuss the experience on the plane and he realized that he couldn't understand the whispers because whoever it was was speaking Vietnamese. We agreed that we won't be back in Vietnam for a long, long time.

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