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Your True Tales
December 2008
- Page 14

Crawling Gnome
by Alison

I was about 14 years old and I wanted to connect to the other world. I knew in my heart there are magical beings that we cannot understand. People say seeing is believing, but in my case... believing is seeing. I was outside playing under the warm sun mid-summer. All of a sudden, I saw a small man (gnome) that was transparent creeping across the field, as if he was hoping my dog and I wouldn't see him. He was holding something and I wasn't so sure what it was because he was transparent and I was able to see right through him.

Once he saw my dog and me staring at him, he ran under my dad's truck, then into the forests. I tried calling after him, telling him not to be afraid. I am now 23 years old and I live in NYC, and I still remember that day clearly. Ever since I had experienced that encounter, I know that there are other worlds out there. Magic does exist.

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