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Paranormal Story Archives
February 2001
– Page 23

Amazing Death of Parents
by Catehoff

My mother died of "Lou Gehrig's disease." In the few weeks before her death, I asked her to tell me that if she got well and could eat anything she wanted to again, what would it be? She said tangerines from her trees and kolaches (a cream cheese-based cookie). After the funeral, we went to a restaurant and there in the middle of the tables were plates of kolaches. I asked the cook why he made them and he said he had an urge; he'd never made them before. I took the cookies to her grave to give them to her and found tangerine peels on her newly dug grave. A month later, she appeared to me in my bedroom at 2:00 a.m. and told me she was happy. All my fears and depressions disappeared. A few years later, my father called and said my mom came to him and told him she was coming for him. Shortly after, he was found to have cancer. I stayed with him and took care of him until he died. I went to the couch outside his bedroom door to keep watch over him, thinking he would make it to morning. I was awoken by someone tapping me on the shoulder. It was my mother, who told me to check on my father - he had just died. I asked her to say that again, and as I did, my father walked out of his bedroom and said, "Go check on me. I just died." I went into his room and there was his body, still warm but dead all the same. I turned to look at my parents and they both smiled at me and said they would see me again one day. I still miss them but know there is life after death.

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