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Paranormal Story Archives
February 2002
– Page 17

The Cloudy White Figure
by CErdelac

Approximately two years ago, my husband and I moved from Chicago to just outside Philadelphia. We moved into a house that we are renting. What we know about the house is that it was built in 1954 by a father and grandfather. Everything from the design to the mason work was done by these men. The house is still owned by the daughter of the father who built it. It is our understanding that this woman grew up in this house.

From day one, I was noticing "weird" things happening. I would feel a "breeze" blow by me when there was no window open or fan on. It almost felt like it would had someone walked by you very briskly. I would also see "something" out of the corner of my eye. Or like a flash of some sort zip past my field of vision. Then sometime later I started waking up in the middle of the night around 3 a.m. to find a white cloudy figure standing at the foot of our bed or by the bedroom door. It appears to be a woman wearing a cape - her head is covered by a hood. It is difficult to tell her age, but I get the feeling she is elderly.

We own two dogs who sometimes both wake from being asleep on the sofa at night and look up in the same direction and stare at what appears to be nothing. The strange thing about this is that it isn't like we hear a noise and the dogs wake up; it is completely silent and they both look in the same direction at the same time.

Well, I thought I was going crazy so I never discussed any of this with my husband until approximately six months ago. We started comparing stories and they are almost exactly the same. Since our discussion, we have both seen the white cloudy figure in our bedroom at the same time. I had become very afraid of these things that were happening and one night I yelled at the figure in our bedroom to "go away and leave me alone." Since then I have not seen her, although my husband has. He also has seen her walking through the house during the daytime, which I have never seen.

I guess I am wondering how would we go about talking to her? Is this possible? I want to find out what she wants. Do these types of spirits typically speak?

At this point I am so afraid to be alone in this house at night that when my husband travels I have friends stay with me. Lately I am wondering if the strange things happening in the house are my paranoid imagination.

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