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Paranormal Story Archives
February 2002
– Page 31

Haunted Senior Home
by Rhonda C.

I live and work in a personal care home for the elderly. Before I worked here, I never had an experience that I knew without a shadow of a doubt was paranormal. I know now that this place has GOT to be haunted. We've always had strange things like drawers and doors opening before our eyes. The coffee machine has been drained of water many times by SOMETHING. (The only resident here capable of draining the coffee pot of water is mentally retarded and would not be capable of doing this without leaving a mess or some evidence that she was there, and she is not a good liar.) The thing that convinced me that this house was definitely haunted was this:

One night, I was sleeping, and kept feeling my covers being dragged off me. At first, I thought they were just slipping off, and so I jerked them back over me, and something jerked them back. Fully awake now, and without covers, I sat up and saw my covers in the air, being held by a PROJECTION of an old lady with dyed red hair and a flower gown on. She was about a size and a half bigger than a real person. She appeared to be a projection. I could see the pictures on my wall through her. There was no glorious light or anything around her. She just appeared to be made with a projector that was far enough away to make her look bigger than life. But she had my covers! I ran out of the room and went to the kitchen to get water. I kept telling myself that I wasn't fully awake when I saw what I did. I was always a believer in the supernatural, but never proven. After drinking my water, I calmed down and summoned up the courage to go back to my room. 

When I got back, my bed was neatly made, better than I ever made it, and it looked like I had never been in it. One of the nurses who comes here was hit by books by something she couldn't see. That was three months ago. She refuses to come back. That is the only time anyone has ever been HIT. The lady I saw had never lived at this PCH. I told the owner about it. (She could fill up your pages with her own ghost stories about this place and her own house, which is an extension of this PCH.) She could not ever remember a lady here who looked like my description. This home was built and especially made for this PCH, so it couldn't have been a former owner. The ghost (or ghosts) does not seem to care who it does things in front of. I have had friends over who have seen unexplainable things, and all of the residents have weird things happen to them. Usually when things happen, there will be two or more in one day. In both houses, we will look in the pantries for a certain food that was just put in there, and not be able to find it. Sometimes, it is large cans, and impossible to overlook. The next thing we know (usually after a meal) the can shows up - exactly where it was placed. There is a lock on one pantry and none of the residents can reach it, and they wouldn't be quick enough to get the cans (or strong enough) and then return them. These are just a few of the strange things that happen here. I can write all day and night about what I have seen, what I have been told, and of the strange "coincidences" that are too many to be called coincidences around here.

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