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Your True Tales
February 2005
Page 20

The Beast in the Ravine
by Dylan Hollowbrass

A few months ago, my two friends and I were checking out this very dark and widespread forest. We got there toward evening and already the feeling of being watched was deep in our souls. It was pitch black and we were lost. To make things worse, no more than 50 yards away in the dark, the sound of snapping twigs was heavy. We heard breathing – the most dreadful sound. Heavy breathing, from something large. It sounded like more than one thing was stalking us in the darkness.

We were able to make a fire and we made some torches. We walked around for a while, looking for a sign of what had been walking about. When we returned to our fire, it was out. We had only been gone for a few minutes, and yet there was not one ember visible. My friends and I started another fire.

The next day, we heard something ran in a ravine. We slowly walked to the edge of the deep moraine, only to see a deer... and then a tremendous roar exploded out of the brush down below, along with a horrible beast. It took large strides and was on the deer in a second. It had long black claws and thick limbs. Its fat neck extended out from its body, ending in a hog-like head. It must have been 7 feet tall – a massive creature with thick brown fur, bones of animals tangled in its mats.

It bludgeoned the dear with its claws and dragged it away, not noticing us above it. Suddenly, two more followed in its tracks. We soon found our way out off the woods. We later looked on terraserver.com to find an aerial photo of the place, actually finding exactly where we were. It looked haunting to see we were so close to the interstate.

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