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Your True Tales
February 2008
- Page 20

Who Could Live Here?
by Jamie

This is my first incident -- and only, I hope. It happened in 2006 at my old house in Hendersonville, North Carolina. it started one night about midnight. Our house was an old, old thing that made a circle around itself (you could walk into the dining room to the hallway to the living room right back into the dining room) I was coming out of the bathroom, walked down the hallway and rounded the corner into the living room. As soon as I turned, I gasped and tears instantly filled my eyes. I saw standing in the doorway to the dining room a little boy no older than five or six, wearing a yellow shirt and blue shorts. My roommate turned and saw the child, too, and screamed. The boy tilted his head and vanished.

We left instantly and waited on my boyfriend and his friends to get off work before we'd go back home. Things just took off from there.... Friends would sleep over and sleep on the couch in the dining room (at 21 we had no use for a dinner table) and wake up beacuse they were being slapped in the face.

I fell asleep on the couch one night, home alone, and woke up to the sound of all the windows in the house being pounded on at once... even the upstairs, which we didn't have access to. We were sitting at home one day when the bathroom door slammed shut. We couldn't get it open for two hours, then it just opened by itself. This is when we decided to move.

My boyfriend had been skeptical this entire time, over two months, and thought we were all full of it. Even though he heard the dishes rattle and could feel the insane coldness in the dining room as well. This one evening he got home from work. We were sitting on the couch when all of a sudden he jumped up and asked me who was at the house. I told him no one while he took off to investigate. I asked what he'd seen and he said a shadow of a man that looked to be about six feet tall. He sat back down again, and not fiveminutes later he jumped up and ran around the corner into the dining room. He'd seen the same shadow again. Once he sat down, all the windows started rattling again and the bathroom door slammed shut. He made me get a bag and we went to my mom's and moved out the following week.

I didn't look into anything that may have happened in the house, but I know that even now, the house won't stay occupied for more than three months at a time. A two-story, five-bedroom house right off the interstate close to everything that's only $600 a month. It will NOT stay rented. Everyone leaves within the first little bit.

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