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Paranormal Story Archives
January 2002
– Page 11

Just a Coincidence?
by Althea W.

The week before September 11th, my daughter would have these really bad nightmares. She said that she dreamed that her Auntie Bev (my sister) went on a vacation and that she was in this hotel and it was a really tall hotel. She said that it was so tall that she could see it go into the clouds but that she could not see the top of it. She said tried to run up the stairs in the building to get her Auntie Bev out because there was a big fire. I asked her how did the hotel get on fire and she said that she said that an airplane hit it because it was too high. Also she would have another variation of the dream of where Auntie Bev was in weird shaped hotel. That it was not high but that it was wide and looked like one of the shapes that you to be in her shape ball toy. We disregarded her talk as babble and really didn't mind her.

After the Sept 11 tragedy and everything that was on the television was regarding the tragedy, we really tried not to let her watch it because we wanted to explain things to her. Well that afternoon, when we were watching the news (she was home all day with me with the television turned off) and they showed the first burning building she started screaming for me because I was in the kitchen, I cam running in and she said pointed telling me that the building was the one that she dreamed of that auntie Bev was on one of the top floors. Then they showed the footage of the Pentagon and she said "Mom that is the other hotel that was in my dream. What happened to them Mom?" My husband and I were speechless. I was supposed to leave for New York on September 9th to go to a conference being held at the first tower on I believe the 84th floor, but my husband suggested that I not leave because he didn't think he would be able to handle both of the kids. She has always done strange things like this. Maybe she is just more in touch with things since she is a child.

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