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Your True Tales
January 2005
Page 14

The Letter "E"
by Deborah

In 1991, I was living with my sister's family for few month's before I graduated from college. I had given up my apartment, in preparation for moving to New Jersey, marrying my fiance, and finding a job in my field. My sister's house was haunted. We had had many experiences in this house, but nothing was as amazing as what I am about to describe.

I had bought a green polyester dress for graduation day and hung it in the closet of the room I was sleeping in. I placed my dress in among all my other clothes in the closet, and on the day of graduation, I pulled it out. On the bottom of the dress in the front was a symbol in a creamy-colored substance. It had been applied while warm-hot because on the underside of the dress it was puckered where the symbol was applied suggesting shrinkage during cooling. The symbol was a medieval-looking letter "E" with the flat side of a half circle butted up against the the left side of the "E" which extended top and bottom longer than the "E".

I immediately thought it was evil and somehow linked to the house. As I stated, the house was haunted and earlier that month I had witnessed an apparition of a young girl sitting on the floor dressed in late 18th century clothing looking up at me, until she faded away. My sister and I had decided we would look into the history of this house after they moved into their new home someday, but we never did it. I thought maybe the letter "E" stood for Elizabeth – maybe the girl's name.

I kept the dress and took it out every couple months for several years, always hoping the symbol would not be there and it would be a figment of my imagination. It was always there when I pulled it out of the bag. I thought about sending it to "Unsolved Mysteries" for an analysis, but it scared me and I didn't' have an explanation for how it got there in the first place, even though I knew it was some sort of a paranormal phenomenon.

When I moved into my new home with my new husband, I didn't want to keep the dress because I didn't' want to have anything negative or "evil" in my home, so I threw it in the trash. I had shown it to people at work, my sister, and my husband, but no one else. I told many people and drew the symbol so many times; it was etched in my mind. I never had an explanation and eventually I only thought it about occasionally. I went on with my life, was married for six years to my husband and we eventually divorced. I dated a few people, but I eventually married my best friend in 2001, who came to this country in 1989 from Peru. His personality is so opposite to mine and I have wondered many times, "Why am I with him?", but I also feel such a strong hold to him.

This Thanksgiving, we drove to Indiana to spend with my husband's family. I was downstairs speaking to my husband's sister and I noticed an old picture on the shelf, and it was my husband with a very crooked haircut when he was about 10 years old, standing between his two sisters. Then I turned white before a sense of calm came over me. He was wearing a belt with a large brass belt buckle that was the exact same design as the symbol on my dress, right down to the half moon on the backside. The letter "E" is for Enrique. I knew then that I was where I was supposed to be with this man from another country who is my soulmate.

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