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Your True Tales
January 2007
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UFOs and Weird Phone Calls
by Nikki

It happened about three summers ago at my grandmother's house. It was nighttime, not too dark, but dim twilight, and we were watching TV in the sun porch. I was sitting by the window, and I happened to just glance out, but something caught my attention in the sky. There were two saucer-shaped objects in the sky, each with very bright lights lined up in a horizontal row. There were visible stars in the sky, but these were not stars, nor were they satellites. I know this because of their behavior.

One was a little bit bigger than the other, and it was just hovering there, not moving, and the smaller one was hovering just slightly under it a little more over to the right. As I watched, the objects flashed out of sight, and it kind of disoriented me, and when I looked around in the sky they were in another spot in the same position. After they did this same thing a few more times, bolting from one spot in the sky to another so fast, as if they were being teleported.

I told my grandmother to come see what I was seeing. She was just as boggled as I was, and when went outside to look. The objects were still there, zapping out of sight and relocating. They HAD to be UFOs! What else were they? They were very bright, lighted saucers. I don't know who else saw them, it was getting dark, so people weren't outside, but I don't know if anyone could have witnessed this from their windows like I did.

My grandmother and I told my mom, and she didn't believe us; as a matter of fact, not that many people that we told believed us, but it was the truth. And I know it was not my imagination, because my grandmother saw the same thing!

A few days passed before something just as strange started happening. My grandmother started getting weird phone calls. She has caller I.D., so when she looked it said "unknown name, unknown number," and every time she picked up the phone there was a chilling silence. There was no breathing sound and no words said, yet there was a presence on the other end. It's just strange that that started happening out of the blue only a few days from when we saw those strange things in the sky. It eventually stopped, and we don't really discuss it anymore because we both know what we saw.

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